Black & White and Stripes All Over

When it comes to skirts, I tend to have a consistent taste for the classics.  Yes, I'm a very modern girl, clothing wise and my favorite fashion decade (of all the fashion decades) is the one we're in but still, skirts have always held a retro place in my heart.

Cinched high waist, thick pleating, dramatic tapering, midi length - I really do love the older trends and classic skirt designs.  So after eyeing a breathtaking remnant fabric at work the other day, I decided to use the piece to make my own cute, retro skirt.

Black and white can be worn day or night, dressed up or dressed down, in Summer or Winter.  The stars kind of aligned with this fabric, ya know?  And it has turned out to be just perfect for my Tiny Closet.

I am wearing my trusty white, I still have not found another pair that can even stand next to these gems.  But they can't go on forever the way I wear them all.the.time.  The search continues for their successor.

skirt: The Tiny Closet Collection / top: thrifted swimsuit / shoes: CMG / jewelry: thrifted


  1. I love the skirt! The patter is pretty.

  2. That skirt is crazy FABULOUS!! So flattering and I can't even believe you made it! I think I'm going to have to get bold and start sewing things for myself. I love how you don't use a pattern but just start draping. I think I could do that, but I'll have to google "How to make a waistband", and how to put in a zipper, because I think that's what would trip me up. I can't wait to see how you style this next! Just found and LOVING your blog! Serene

  3. Nice pics!

  4. mixed prints! my new obsession! Love the look

  5. You HAVE to go to Cole Haan for an Oxfords successor. Seriously. Go there right now. I'm not kidding. The Gramercy Oxford (not the one with the cap toe) is TO DIE FOR. And they have Nike Insoles. It's heaven on your feet!

  6. Black and White I think is going to really hot
    for the fall . The one thing I like about this look you can also wear in the fall with a cardigan or dress it up with long
    strand black beads and black heels.
    I love your skirt. :)

  7. I just saw a pic of you here. Too bad they did not include a link.