Two Pieces

Over the weekend, I updated my Pinterest boards (!!!!) and while surfing through fashion boards, pinning like a maniac, I became so inspired by the incredible fashion and style and imagery, that I was re-motivated to continue rebuilding my closet and go out and do a little more shopping.  

a Tiny shopping trip :)

This time, instead of checking out a new boutique I went back to my all-time favorite vintage boutique, Vintage Chic by Grace in Studio City.  Going there, I knew my high wouldn't be potentially sobered by the disappointment of not finding anything if I'd gone to a new place.  I always find something I absolutely adore at Vintage Chic - and that Saturday was no exception.  
But I will save my love and photos of my new finds for another post soon!

For now, here are some photos of our fun, lazy Saturday...

sunnies: RayBan / necklace: Heavenly Couture / cardigan: Fluxxus / bracelet: Swarovski

bag: Banana Republic

Juanita's - My new favorite neighborhood spot for tacos.  The best!

And I did something that I haven't done in a long, long time... I wore heels shopping.  I remember when I would only shop in heels.  Yes, yes, times have changed but it's funny, the moment I declare that heels no longer work for me, I can't stop thinking about them.  And wearing them.  And my shopping list is full of heels as well!  I don't get it.  
Or perhaps I do.  I think I just don't care to wear the type of heels that I used to.  

These cage-like, lace up heels I bought off Ebay are very comfortable and the design keeps me in them longer.  Nuff said.  
To think I was about to swear off heels just because I can't wear the same crazy ones I used to.

When something new and amazing works on you that hasn't before.  It's not a fluke.  Study the ingredients of the miracle and replicate, replicate, replicate!


After shopping, Theo and I shared a nectarine popsicle and I did finally change my shoes :)   These flats are perfect for storing in a tote for long outings.  I also wore them here.  

And with this heat, I really can't wear more than two pieces.  Ah, but who am I kidding?   I never wear more than 2 pieces anyway.  This tube dress and light-as-a-feather cardigan were perfect together.  For heels and flats.

Anyway, can't wait to show you my new items soon!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


  1. For some reason, the pairing of your striped cardigan and that green bag look great together. This was such a fun post!

  2. Just gorgeous love the look I like the heels :)

  3. I must say - outSTANDING legs! And the heels just take them over the top! Looks like you had a fun day!

  4. Those heels are pretty! love this weekend casual look.


    Ms Dee Kay

  5. Great look, I love the look with the heels!! You and your husband are such a stylish couple!!!

    Carsedra McKoy