Working with Silk

On my way home a couple weeks ago, while walking through the Garment District, I spotted a couple rolls of silk that stopped me in my tracks.  "Whaaaaaat?"  I whispered out loud to myself.

I came. I saw.  I bought four yards.

The print came in two colors and I got both!  Now to explain to Theo.

Since I was pretty much cut off from buying any more fabric before using the fabric I already owned, Theo made me promise that I had to make something awesome with the forbidden silk I couldn't walk away from.  So I promised that it wouldn't sit and collect dust.

And it didn't.

Last week, newly off the sewing machine, I put on this silk jumpsuit around 2am and attempted modeling it for a dozing husband.  Prancing around the living room area, I think the best I could get out of him was a mumbled 

"It's beautiful, baby."

I only like wearing silk in billowy, draping volume.  And even though I'm pretty sensitive with prints, 
I've been coming out of my shell with the concept of wearing them and with a watery silk like this, a big print flows nicely.

I was also thrilled that a pair of heels I received from eBay very recently would go beautifully with the new piece.  Perfect!  I have been glued to eBay these days.  Finding all these random old shoes that have long been sold out in stores.  When I came across these lace-up heels from Foreve21, I was extremely wary of the quality.  But for the minute fraction of the cost as well as my fleeting fancy of wearing heels, 
I thought eh, I'll just get them and wear em til I can't anymore.  

Oh but we'll have some fun!

The design of this jumpsuit was inspired by a jumper I've had for a while now.  I thought my version would look edgier with a narrow neck, jumbo straps and gypsy ankles.  Sadly, I forgot to get a shot of the back - I forgot to put a zipper on the body so at the last minute I put a big gold zipper on the back of one of the straps - so that I could actually put it on, heehee :)

Anyway, this item is indeed for Summer.  In fact, I think this a rare wardrobe piece that is only fit for one season.  Sigh....  I really don't like having single-season items.  What a waste the rest of the year!  But perhaps I will get some creative ideas on how to wear this perhaps for an evening out with a swing coat during the Fall and Winter months, I mean I do live in the desert after all. It doesn't get that cold...

Any ideas?

jumpsuit: The Tiny Closet Collection / heels: Forever21 / bandeau: Heavenly Couture

I had mentioned in a previous post that I'd probably end up sewing my new wardrobe... I am actually on my way to doing that lol!
So keep visiting to check out more of my new pieces as I make them.  I've got some fun fabrics I'm working with!!

Hope you enjoyed this newest project :)


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  2. This jumper is the cutest I love how the fabric flows until I want one . lol
    The colors are beautiful it looks really nice on you. :)

  3. that is a very nice jumper. i know it would have also looked nice as a short dress too :)

  4. Oh my the fabric is gorgeous and I love the design. The cutout on the sides and the neckline is beautiful.
    I think you could pull it off with some ankle booties and a moto jacket during the fall/winter season.
    Cant wait to see the rest of your wardrobe!


  5. Gorgeous! I love the print and the fit of this jumpsuit. Great score on eBay too! You look GREAT!


  6. Good looooord *swooooooooooooon* SO damn lovely, vibrant, sexy, edgy. I love how you ditched accessories to allow the piece to speak. I agree with Dee Kay, you could pull this into the fall with her suggestions easily. You need to try out for "Project Runway" or something. I would buy every single blasted thing you have made on here. You know how to flatter a woman. Well done gorgeous and thank you for sharing!

  7. Beautiful!
    You look great in prints

  8. O.M.G. This piece gives me life! I love the vibrant colors and the airy look!
    Love it, love it, love it! You are so talented. :)

  9. Could you layer with a chunky knit sweater and wear as harem pants for fall? I think you totally could.

  10. I love this! It's so gorgeous! I just found your site through and I'm so happy I did. I've been looking through all your posts!

  11. What a gorgeous jumpsuit that no one can ever buy!! Love the colors love the fit.

  12. This is amazing!!!! You are so talented. I thought I was the only one that got put on rescriction by my hubby from buying

  13. Very beautiful creation. It is quite stunning

  14. This is super cute. I love the print and construction of the garment.

  15. Great job on the jumper. And no worries - I was still able to wear a lot less than this for clothing well into November of last year, so I think you're ok on the season front. ;D

  16. You nailed this look!...... from the print to the structure........ much like you I can be quite sensitive to prints also.... however this is gorgeous!!........ so surely your next stop will be a line right?........ I will buy!xx

  17. Aww amazing jumpsuit!

  18. I love, love, love! Awesome jumpsuit and beautiful...vibrant colors!

  19. I love it!!!! Love! Where is your clothing line already??? lol...but seriously..

  20. Never let me down fab print love it

  21. Loving this jump suit and it goes great with your ebay find!!

    Carsedra of:

  22. I am officially addicted to your website. You are Amazing! You are such an inspiration