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Monday, August 5, 2013

What, This Old Thing?

Speaking of silk, it reminded me of this dress I picked up a few years ago on a shopping trip with my bestie.  
I loved it from the moment I spied it on the sale rack at a Banana Republic and I haven't wanted to give it up since.

I wore it all that Summer and even wore it a couple of times in the Winter.  What I was reminded about (by some wonderfully helpful comments on my last post) was that silk is actually a seasonless fabric.  Gorgeously fit to wear all year long.

For now, it's excellent for Summer.

The dress came with a belt but, you know me, I love the more voluminous, oversize looks so I usually go without the cinch in the middle 
when it comes to open designs like this.  Especially during the warmer months.

Also, I can't get enough of these new heels.  They go with everything and I'm ecstatic about that of course.  
PLUS, even though the heels are sandals I've got a pretty cool idea on how to make them A/W ready.  Ah, but in due time :)

With roomy pockets, a loose heart shaped neckline and space to sit back and lounge, I love that this ol' silk thing is also elegant.  Ahhhhhh :)


  1. You look great!

  2. Love this dress! And it has pockets too? That makes it even better.

  3. Loving this! And it has pockets...SCORE!!!


  4. Loooooooooooooove this comfy, volumey look!

  5. Hey, pretty lady! I thought about you yesterday and how I had not seen a post from you lately? I figured you were designing and sewing up a storm?

    I love this dress, you wear it well.

  6. So beautiful and flowy...sooo you!

    ~Chymere A.

  7. Not many can pull this off .... But u my dear look fab luv it

  8. You look so pretty, I love love love your hair!!

    Carsedra of: