Wearing Fishnet

Yesterday, Theo and I had lunch at Guild.  After passing by it on Target runs and trips to the movies, we finally decided to go inside.  I decided to give my new fishnet tee-dress another go, 
after wearing it Monday but failing to take photos in it.

Since I have never worn fishnet beyond my legs, I thought I'd ease into the style and wear it with brogues first and dress it down for midday.  This is a different type of fishnet apparel though with it's tee-shirt like design and wool crocheted netting.  It's actually warm!  And very soft.  It also has a surprising drape to it, which comes off looking elegant or just casual.  Depending on what shoes you wear :)

Dressing outside my comfort zone always turns out to be the most fun because that's when I really learn about my capacity for style.  No matter what your views are about different types of clothing, clothing has no definitive style until it's on you.  Once you put it on, it's your own interpretation.  It's your style.  And you can make it look any way you want, be it a fishnet dress, silk gown or a leather jacket.

After trying on this dress (at one of my favorite boutiques, Cinema), I saw it being a lot of fun for the remainder of Summer and also lots of potential for Fall and Winter because of it's versatility.  Very excited to try out my ideas.

Guild turned out to be amazing.  Either we have great taste in trying out new restaurants or the restaurants in downtown L.A. are just fabulous in general.  Theo and I are total foodies and so far, every restaurant in our neighborhood is on point.  We're so spoiled!


I must admit, with my irregular schedule and no two days ever being the same, I've been struggling to post as regularly as I'd like...  It's funny, the zen outlook I have with clothing really should be put to use on the rest of my life.  Like I say, my Tiny Closet is about ignoring all the rules, doing you and keeping it simple.  So instead of trying to set rules for my ever-changing schedule, I'm going to try, well, not doing that.  And post when I can and when I'm wearing something I can't help but show and talk about - which should be a few times a week at least, but on no particular day.  

So I hope you check back with me often and keep up to date with my never ending new stylings and ensembles!  
I absolutely love sharing :)


  1. You look gorgeous!

  2. You know I love everything you wear but this is really nice.
    I love the earrings you could passed them over here. lol :)
    You're ready for Vogue Magazine and your hair is perfect.

  3. Really cute dress!!! I just love your style and how free you are with dressing in what makes you happy and not always what's trendy.

    Carsedra McKoy

  4. This is such a cool fishnet dress and I love how you styled it, simple yet chic. Love the green nail color too!
    Ms Dee Kay

  5. Very cute ensemble... and that food looks delicious! Love that motto: "Keep it simple and do you" especially when it comes to blogging.

    -Chymere Anais

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  7. Love your dress! It has lots of remix potential.

  8. This is so pretty and u look so effortless like always ;)

  9. this outfit is SO perfectly me + typical of what i wear all summer !! did you make this? where is it from? how can i get this??