With this new feature that I started a couple weeks ago, showing you direct contrasting stylings for the same pieces, I thought I'd take a walk down Tiny Closet lane and show you the highlights of what I've been doing all along...

Through the years, while I wasn't showing photos back to back of the many ways I could wear the same thing, I was posting the same items!  Over and over again :)  I've put them together for your enjoyment and perhaps inspiration - so you can truly see how the possibilities can be endless with a Tiny Closet.

Still, my favorite pair of denim.  All Saints Men: Slouchy, dark and rugged.  Like I like my denim to be! Wear them with anything and everything.

This Tiny Closet Collection dress is so simple, it can easily be layered and styled.  From a Summer stroll on the boardwalk to an evening holiday party, the more blank the pallet, the more possibilities!

This All Saints maxi is huge and incredibly versatile.  I can wear it as a skirt and even a strapless dress.  Oversize pieces are my fave!  I can tuck and hide and cinch for effortless styling. 

Another Tiny Closet Collection piece, this is more a statement item!  From day to night, this has been fun to play with due to its vibrant print and the fact that it's just a simple pencil skirt. 

My StyleMint dress is another simple basic with classic print: navy stripes.  One of my favorite prints to style and wear.  From sailing to grocery shopping, one can wear nautical stripes anywhere. 

I bought these coral pants from Zara while in the Philippines.  A coral I would never normally wear, I was in a tropical mood and went with it.  Since then, I'm surprised to find I can wear them with so many other items!  Even my nautical sailor top and even leopard. 

My wool sack dress was a vintage thrift item.  My desire for yet another easy-fit oversize piece was certainly satisfied with this one.  Also my consistent tendency to wear black and white ensembles.  Which is never-ending.

This Catherine Malandrino eyelet dress turned out to be pretty adaptable as well.  The texture is easy to work with, enhancing it's ensemble and I adore wearing white.  This is a go-to dress during the Spring and Summer months but for my 30th birthday, I chose to put a tutu underneath to play it up a bit.

Hope you enjoyed the highlights of my past stylings!  Come back on Monday for an all new "ensembling" as I continue this feature of showcasing versatility in a Tiny Closet :)


  1. Thank you so much for bringing these ensembles together. I enjoyed this post so much. Looking forward to more. It's fun to see how you arrange them together.

  2. I thought I was pretty good at remixing my wardrobe but you my dear are an inspiration! If I didnt have a baby on my lap I'd be all up in my closet right about now! LOL

  3. This is great inspiration for me with my own closet. Hope you will be doing more videos soon.

  4. Loving the inspiration of The Tiny Closet!

  5. I'm getting so many great ideas from this blog. Thank you. :)

  6. I love this new feature! Great ideas.

  7. Thank you so much for this! My closet has become small and my bank account tall! You're such an inspiration!

  8. Warm and Rugged, The American Classic and especially Fresh were my favs. Definitely got inspired to be boyishly cute. I absolutely love this throwback. Keep then coming!