The American Classic... A Version

Getting ready for some grocery shopping in the Arts District, I practically ransacked my closet for a crisp white, drapey tee to wear with my oldie drop crotch All Saints jeans.... 

I hadn't really worn this style in a while but after making a nice white tee from some delicious drapey silk/cotton blend fabric, I was totally in the mood for this classic duo.

There's something about a crisp white tee with jeans on a woman.  So American.  Classic American.  Jeans and a white tee is one of the few American fashions I favor and feel great wearing.  There's an effortless, rugged, natural beauty about this style.  So I guess it's no surprise that I love it.

I snatched up these Dr. Suess-like sandals instantly while in Zara last Summer.  I don't think I'll ever let them go.  These sandals are such a nice surprise to any ensemble and I also wore them with a denim dress here.

And a side note...

I've been getting a lot of questions on how I style my hair.  Some of you already know my thoughts on natural hair: 
I wash it, I dry it, I go.  Nothing more really.  It's hair, you know?  I let it do its thing.  I don't twist, braid, set or do anything to my hair other than wash it.  But I do make sure to detangle it every other day while washing.   

On that note, I do want to say, my hair had recently become near to impossible to detangle and felt overall, rough and stiff.  Yikes!  As I scrambled to figure out the problem, I quickly realized my Tangle Teezer brush that I'd been using for months was wreaking major havoc on my curls.  I stopped using it immediately, picked a restructuring conditioner by Dove at Target and literally, in a day, my hair was back to normal.

So, while I don't have the most involved hair routine, I have discovered some pretty cool secrets:

1.    Do not use the Tangle Teezer 
I guarantee it works for no kind of curly hair
2.    Dove Hair Therapy: Intensive Repair Conditioner
on the bottle it says "95% fewer split ends" and "hair renewal within first use".... they are frickin right.  All the heaping damage my Tangle Teezer caused (as well as my neglect) was practically reversed within one wash.  Now my hair is shinier and more curly than it was originally.

So now that my hair is healthy and back to it usual tricks, I can get back to what really matters... clothes!  Ahhhhhhh.


  1. The Tangle Teezer is the devil! I swear it starts out like a miracle but then realization hits lol. But I love your hair & your style! Thanks for continuing to inspire

  2. OMG those shoes!!! I want to steal them from you through the picture. LOL. They are definitely a great "pop" to your classic american outfit.

  3. Great shoes. I can't wait until it stays warm in NYC.

  4. I just want to say that I'm in love with your style.

  5. I love your clothes. You have inspired me to think about learning to make my own clothes...

  6. lovely!! I like your classic version!! Good info to know about the hair care

  7. I've got the same shoes too! Gotta love zara for making women beautiful and you look nothing short of that. Stunning!

  8. I absolutely love your hair! And the tee - I would live in it. Great shoes; they just give a spark to the whole outfit.

  9. haha, I actually love the tangle teezer. only in sections though, otherwise havoc wreaks.