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Friday, October 5, 2012

A New Uniform

Strolling around downtown Fremont after lunch with Theo, we spotted a basement boutique, The Fremont Vintage Mall.  We forgot about our errands and enjoyed the afternoon flipping through records, an enormous collection of Polaroid cameras, coats, nightgowns, cowboy boots, something else cool...  This place is spectacular!!

And, like a puppy at an animal shelter (not really), this beautiful oversize wool jumper with working pockets clung to me the entire time.  Oh, as well as some superbly fitting sunnies.  I think the sunglasses I found are even cooler than the RayBan Wayfarers I've been sulking over for a year (can't pay $300 for sunnies, I just CAN'T dammit!).  These were $12.  The jumper was a couple more.  That's what I call doable.

jumper: vintage (Fremont Vintage Mall) / t-shirt: James Perse / booties: Jessica Simpson / earrings: Tory Burch / sunnies: vintage (Fremont Vintage Mall)
Ladies and gentleman, I have found a new staple outfit.  Roomy, modern, comfy, chic, minimal.  And versatiiiiile!!

So on those days where I find myself pouting in front of a stubborn Tiny Closet, I can pull out this pet and gooooo.  My new go-to.

Enjoy the weekend!
Natalie, out!


  1. yeah, that is totally a good vintage find, it transitions easily to the winter with a sweater. love it!


  2. Awesome outfit! You look stunning!

  3. I LOVE that jumper!!! I'd just need it a little more fitted around the waist/hips so that people can't sneak a peak. Otherwise, perfect.

  4. Great earrings, and love the jumper! I'm jealous that you found those lovely glasses for $12! That's awesome!