Let's Get Nautical

As always, kept their promise and delivered on Sunday.  As 7am approached and I turned over in bed and saw a pure blueing sky I knew it was a perfect day to get nauty.  Oh yeah.

I had mentioned in an earlier post my reservations with and how disgusted dismayed I was with my first purchase.... and then I washed the ill-fitted top I had carefully picked out online and miraculously, its shape and size fell into place.  Ta-da!  Oy.  And then I also mentioned that I failed to cancel my membership with StyleMint before leaving for Asia so by the time I got back and reviewed my account, I found that I'd racked up some healthy credit that of course was no take-backsies...  Soooo, I begrudgingly used up all the credit, picked some random pieces and called it a day.

And lo and behold, another ta-da miracle.  All the items I had ordered were brilliant!  I was so relieved by the amazing cotton quality, the fit and the design.  Ahh.  My Tiny Closet has warmly welcomed some new favorites :)  Starting with this charming striped number here:
Walking along the water in Kirkland, Theo and I saw a dock full of mini sail boats.  So cute!!  Lil sailboats built for two.  They were actually rentals for public sailing lessons, which, in theory, would have been cool to take a lesson except for the fact that sailing is probably as fun as parallel parking a semi truck.  I much rather prefer riding in sailboats than concerning myself with their mechanics. I also like taking pictures in front of them :)
dress: StyleMint / scarf: Diesel / shoes: CMG / bag: Dooney & Bourke / bracelets and watch: thrifted / hat: Philippines / sunnies: RayBan / earrings: B.P. Nordstrom / lipstick: M.A.C. Red

I never wear red, even on my lips - but the navy stripes on this new frock were too fresh to pass on the inevitable duo of nautical-flair-blue-and-white with crisp red accenting.

 Sitting in a boat, thinking about boat things, I realized this dress is the only boatneck item I have.  Because I have such a narrow small face (sigh) I stick to only wearing scoop and cowl necks.  Oddly enough, narrow scoop necks compliment my facial structure.  I hiss at v-necks.  But whadya know, I've discovered boat necks are my besties as well.  I will keep my eyes peeled for more boat necks.  I very much like the classic line they tend to give to the neck and shoulder area.  While we're on the subject, I fancy boats as well.

Before I rouged up my lips and went on my jaunt through the docks, Theo and I had a delicious breakfast at Cafe Soleil in Madrona. Amazing potatoes and tons of cute fashionable girls in stylish brunch attire.  Wow.  I was so inspired. 

Okay, I always have high hopes to take impeccable pictures of the fabulous places Theo and I eat at but ya know, when the food shows up, I just can't be bothered with a camera.  One of these days, I will exercise some restraint and take some mouth-watering photos of the food I eat but until then, this is what I got so far...
 For the record, it was delicious.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. "I hiss at v-necks"! bwahahahaha! Stealing that!

  2. Okay, Lo-HOVE this outfit. Such a quintessential spring vibe!