A Vibrant Thing

photo left Colors post- chambray: Shades of Gris / tunic: street stand
photo right - tunic: street stand / denim: Asos.com / booties: Santee Alley

From the beaches in the East to the streets of L.A., I knew this beautifully ornate tunic would help me   have more fun with my basics.  I was certainly in a festive mood while vacationing in the Philippines a few years back.  At the time, I was exploring the world of color.  Far outside the norm for me and my Tiny Closet.  Still, I managed to bring a few gems back, as rookie as I was.

I wore it as a dress and no shoes and wouldn't ya know, it looks so fresh and perfect for the sunnier seasons with my skinny denims and cutout booties!

I'm excited to wear this as a mini dress again.  The magic of being a shorty - tunics make awesome lil dresses!  But for now, with the chilly crisp Spring evenings, I'll be sporting all of my denim and harem pants underneath it until Summer.  What a fun and vibrant thing, huh?  

 Come back on Thursday for another re-styling show-and-tell as this new Tiny Closet feature continues!  
Aaaaaand, there'll be a lil surprise when you return (heehee!) 


  1. This is so chic and cool! Your hair is vibrant, too. Was the theme song to this, Vivrant Thang by Q-tip? I miss him; wonder what he's up to these days. ;-)

  2. This is perfect! I have a swim cover up that I wear as a tunic with jeans as well. This reminds me that I should rock this look soon.
    Happy Easter/Spring to you and your sweetie!

  3. You have always known how to rock patterns without making them look busy, even when you wore plaid with stripes! Can you be my stylist? I need someone to whip my closet into shape!

  4. You look great in this pants style as well as the harem. These pictures give me a lot of inspiration. I love everything about the outfit, especially how the shoes blend seamlessly. Also, a question. I notice the difference in the length of your hair from the first image. Did you grow your hairstyle out from the same basic short cut, or were there many different shape ups until your current length? I'm interested in growing my hair out and wonder how important is the shape of the first cut.