Basics with a Twist

Although for the last 3 months, I've been living in dusters and enjoying 90 degrees with a sea breeze, I actually missed my lovely collection of Winter coats back home.  And pants.  I missed my pants too.  Meeting up to grab a drink and see a movie with an old friend, the thought of jeans, a tee and a trench actually felt novel.  But for the sake of creativity, I thought I would play around with these basics.  Picking from my ridiculous collection of scarves (quantity is only tolerable if meticulously organized), I picked my favorite basic: leopard print.  
 coat: H&M / scarf: Zara / pants: Zara / belt: Abercrombie & Fitch / bag: Gusto / shoes: Aldo /
 top: James Perse
Denim would have been fine but these new melon colored pants were calling me.  Screaming at me.  This being my first pair of melon pants, needless to say, I haven't yet figured out what goes with this particular hue...  So I played it safe with brown leather accents and topped it off with a linen tee in a cowl neck.  Since this "meloness" is practically painted on, juxtaposing the pant fit with a bit of drape up top gave this ensemble more balance.  I can't stand seeing a girl in all tight clothing.  My skin needs to breath!  Just makes me feel uncomfortable for her.
These earrings were a gift from Theo while on Boracay Island.  The turquoise and melon brought back a bit of the tropics today :)
And then parking in downtown quickly brought me back to the realities of the city...  
Look at all these signs.  That shit cray.  I miss tricycles.

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  1. I love this ensemble! All pieced together very well. You're looking good as always, Nat! xo

  2. Adoring those peach jeans!

  3. Love the melon pants. What goes with that color? I would do a grey tunic (like you said, the skin needs to breathe). Melon, to me, is a great accent color like lemon, when you need something to brighten your outfit, especially if you wear a lot of muted colors (black, brown, grey, etc.). You can also wear a burgundy top with maybe a pair of teal-colored shoes if you wanted to get a little funky. Love your site. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  4. Melon looks fantastic on you girl! The scarf plays so well with the total look - Perfect! Turquoise? YES! Don't get me started about downtown parking! Really, don't get me started...

  5. Hi love,

    thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Put such a smile on my face!!

    Want to follow each other?!

    Kisses Julia xxx