Saturday, March 24, 2012

Revisiting The Basics

I recently had the privilege of helping a good friend and fellow blogger with wardrobe advice.  Last week, I was a feature in The New Fairy Tale where Melissa Marc, writer of this lifestyle blog, shares her adventures, revelations and solicited advice from experts on finding a career, achieving life-long dreams and rising to the occasion of meeting Mr. Right.  Melissa's candid, witty approach to the modern "damsel in distress" is always uplifting and entertaining to me so becoming a part of her team was a wonderful opportunity.

As one of her experts of the week in clothing and style, I chose to approach this subject a little differently this time.  Sticking with Melissa's "New Fairy Tale" vision, I decided to discuss clothing from the perspective of just appearance and what that means.  I found myself going back to the basics, remembering tips from my mother, grandmother and aunts - I mean, before fashion and style, the basics are all a woman needs to feel like a knockout.  Also though, these "basics" of giving your best appearance (whatever that may look like) are also the hardest to stick to on a regular basis... So with respect to these understated truths to real beauty, I felt I would touch on this again with all of you!

Starting with the first:

Use every occasion to dress for the best possible outcome

When you dress for an exciting (maybe even promising) date, your preparation for your appearance is focused on attracting the best possible outcome. This is usually hardly the case when dressing to run an errand or to go to a meeting you regret booking. But the thing is every day and every occasion is full of possibility and promise. You decorated your apartment to reflect and attract your dreams and goals. So use every miniscule moment to present yourself as an extension of that when you leave your home.

Style your hair every day
No matter what, always do your hair before going out. Wherever you go, wear your hair the way you absolutely love to see it, the way your queen would wear it – whatever style that may be.

Make your face pop!
Enhance the color of your lips with a complimenting lipstick, stain, gloss or tinted balm. Define your lashes with mascara or lash gel. Swipe a speck of blush over your cheeks. Maintain those brows. Your eyes, lips, cheeks and brows, make em’ pop every day for every occasion (except when exercising).

Wear perfume always – even to bed!  
Scents influence feelings and behavior and can be very alluring to both sexes. If you do not own perfume, start out by buying a fragrance for every season and then buy a separate fragrance that you wear only to bed. Having a fragrance for sleeping can enhance your feelings and thoughts about yourself as you begin to quiet your mind. Make sure this scent evokes empowerment like inner beauty, peace, allure, grace, quiet strength, security etc… Take the time to identify what smells influence positive emotions. Every woman should have a collection of potions.

Wear dresses & skirts
Gay or straight, men love to see women in skirts and dresses. Their favorite seasons are Spring and Summer when bare arms, bare legs, necks and collar bones come out to play. They love when we flaunt! So if the weather permits, get flirty and feminine with it whenever you can! During the colder months, skirts and dresses are still are very much appreciated. Try lace, sheer or crocheted tights with a flirty short skirt in a heavier fabric like boucle wool or leather.

Wear heels
Cosmo magazine says a woman just stands differently in heels. She commands more attention. Hips out, shoulders back, butt lifted – heels do the work for you. I say wear heels as much as you can. And keep a pair handy in your gym locker for post workout outings!

Wear at least one piece of jewelry at all times
Bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces, time pieces – you can’t ever really have too many accessories. Often times, they even help an outfit make sense when you’re half-assing it. Wear at least one item of jewelry always. Best topped off with glossy nail polish!

And on a different note... 

As I grow closer to the end of my amazing, paradise vacation I have been thinking on how I can possibly bring all these vibrant colors and light to my Northwest city life.... hmmm.   What a fun undertaking!

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

After Dark

Every night after dinner, Theo and I take a walk down the beach and find somewhere to have a drink or get dessert.  And since the beach is quite long with many, many places to choose from, our nightly walk becomes an event all on its own (plus great exercise!).  Last night, we decided to take a few pics of my evening beach wear... and my nightly antics.

Recognize the "waterfall" skirt?  I wore it as a top in an earlier post here.  It works wonderfully as both and that's why I loooove it.  The top I am wearing is actually a tube dress.  I simply layered the bottom half of the dress with my skirt
I can't wait to get this skirt back home to the city and pair it with some dynamite stilettos.  However, I have a sneaking feeling that it won't be all that easy getting into those things again...  For the last 3 months, my free, happy feet haven't been in a pair of real shoes for more than 10 minutes. With all the barefoot walking, barefoot climbing and all in hot humid weather, I'm actually worried my Frodo feet will need some painful acclimation before I can look good in a pair of pumps again.  Guess I'll fight that battle when it comes.  Besides, I'm starting to like doing these posts with no shoes :)

tube dress: H&M / waterfall skirt: Zara / belt: Zara

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Frivolous Things In Life

This morning I was in an easy, breezy mood.  So I went with it.  
I've always wanted to own a hat just like this but I always thought having one would be a complete waste of money.  And you know what?  It is.

But who cares!
 Oh what a bore my Tiny Closet would be if I never exercised frivolity!  
Sure, a closet filled with clothing and shoes that went with everything and could be worn all year round would be convenient and economical and blah blah blah...

But I would be lacking that special, tingly naughty feeling you get when you know you bought something that completely stands out and makes no sense to have.   So I believe that to have a complete closet, one needs a few outlandish, indulgent, absolutely splendid items ...that don't go with anything!
My earrings, by the way are from H&M.  You can see them up close and personal in an earlier post, here.
 sandals: Dolce Vita / top: AllSaints / earrings: H&M
Can you imagine this thing bobbing through the streets in Seattle?  Ha!  Me neither and I'm okay with that.  The next time I wear this will be when I'm back in paradise.  That's what makes it so special.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Looking for a new place to settle down and watch the sunset, Theo and I found The Kasbah, a very vibrant and comfy Moroccan restaurant.  When we cozied down into our purple and fuschia couch, all I could think was


And I was thrilled to be wearing the perfect dress for such surroundings.
Since I already sweat through Theo's Deisel chambray in an earlier post here, I had no choice but to sweat through his other chambray from Shades of Gray as well.  Sorry honey :(  I will be getting my own chambray once we return to the states.
This hand painted dress is my prized possession.  The earrings were a gift from Theo and a great design mix between hoops and chandeliers.  Love the turquoise pop of color!  Both items were found at the artist stands here on the beach.

Its getting busier and hotter here on the island.  As the weather warms to a steady 90 degrees daily, the night storms are dying down.  Unfortunately, as you can see here, the once spotless white sand beach is  now lined along parts of the shore with green...ery.  Ew.  Apparently, a typhoon hit a nearby island and soon after, the waves brought us the dredged up seaweed.  Good thing its only in a small part of this lil island.  

And as you can see, that doesn't stop any of us from enjoying the exquisite sunsets.

Monday, March 12, 2012


 Today, I paired my trusty harem pants with Theo's chambray.  And you know, when it comes to clothing, once I get my top and bottoms on, that's my box, people!  I'm done and ready to head out.  I'm a conceptual thinker as well as a minimalist soooo honing in to the details doesn't come naturally.  Though I believe simplicity is the height of sophistication, details are just so damn fun and
I wanna play too!

My Tiny Closet and I are all about evolving so I decided to step out of the box today and dip my toes into something new... 
Where I would normally wear nude polish to blend and lengthen my fingers, my lemon yellow nails now act as great accessories to make my chambray and harems pop!
Also, these bangles have now made their 3rd cameo and I'm certainly not through with them.  They give more meaning to my ensembles and since my clothing choices are so simple, these bangles give me oomph without being bulky or unnecessary (in spite of their size).   Plus, they add to the overall esthetic of my shiny wooden necklace, which has also become a go to. 

Last but not least (and do I even have to say it)?  The neutral colors of these items go with everything (economically, this is thrilling to me).  Items that are able to be paired with everything in one's closet is like a Tiny Closet commandment so...end of discussion!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Necklace

Wood carving is a huge source of income all over the Philippines.  Specifically hand carved furnishings.  So it's not surprising the plethora of gorgeous wooden jewelry that stems from this popular art.  I have a huge fear of commitment when it comes to owning jewelry.  Oh it's beautiful dangling on that velvet display but then I put it on and its too heavy or the metal is too cold or the design is too bulky, wah wah wah.... 

Have you heard anyone say that?  "I like this necklace but the metal is too cold!"  

So this wooden statement piece is a wonderful compromise to comfort.  Not to mention, 

Oh and it goes great with these harem pants too.  

I got them in size XL so that I could pull them up to to make a one piece.  Sometimes its pretty cool being a shorty :)

Pardon the bare feet.  It's not always easy to wear shoes here.  Even in restaurants like this one.  I was even at the gym and people were running barefoot on the treadmills!  My ensembles would look so much better with a great pair of shoes but oh well for now.  

This Indian restaurant was overlooking the sandy beach and full of lemony bright pillows and low hanging lanterns.  As the sun set, Theo and I ate some Samosas and spooned.  Heehee!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Baring It All

The Tiny Closet is not about fitness, nutrition and wellness- and certainly not about weight loss... but those things do tend to go hand in hand whether we like it or not when it comes to enjoying fashion, style and clothes.  When I feel good about the way I look without clothing, its easier to feel good with them on.  Its easier to unleash my creativity with styles and fashion and really get into clothes!

And while I don't endorse radically changing the body to an unhealthy degree in order to satisfy a picture in one's head, I do prescribe to a good ol' fashioned revamp for looking and feeling good!  And I'm currently knee-deep in doing this!

I never show my stomach.  In fact, I don't like to show too much of my body in general.  Even while I happen to love drapey clothing, I shouldn't be resigned to wear it.  Fashion and style is about expressing oneself - not hiding behind it! Being overly self conscious, setting ludicrous standards for my self image and comparing my shape and size to that of others has limited me in fashion considerably.  All of that is just fashion buzz kill and I'm tired of it!

   So I decided to get fit, get out and get happy with what I got.  I'm no Halle or Angelina but I'm baring it all, dammit.
swimsuit by Aqua

Running two miles a day, swimming, eating juicy sweet fruits for dessert and getting some sun on my face, well it's made me my #1 fan.

Here's to a more confident, more daring Tiny Closet :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

More Dusters!

As a continuation of my first post, The Duster
I have more where that came from :)

And that's not even all my collection.  These dusters all hit naturally at my ankles but its great what a belt can do!  It will be interesting to see how I can make use of these crazy things come Fall/Winter...

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Sarong

Soooo, I was never a fan of sarongs.  The only occasion fitting for a sarong is long walks on the beach and novel coverage for sipping Mai Tais by the pool.   
And for those reasons alone, I have no business wearing one.

Until now of course
Some styles and trends look better on the hanger or the runway then in reality.  And while I'm being honest, that's the real reason I've never taken a liking to these ridiculous things.  But now that everyone around me is wearing one, I just hate being excluded from the fun just because I'm short or curvy or whatever.

I decided that if I'm going to wear a sarong I'm going to do it my way.  Because of my super long torso (yay!)/super short legs (boo!) combo I knew a beach sarong worn traditionally would only make me dislike sarongs even more.  So, instead of tying it at my hips, I tied it under my arms, tube top style, then took my trusty leather Zara belt and positioned it at my natural waistline.  Going for 1940s styling makes this sarong work on a body like mine by accentuating a high waist line and creating a bustier top.  Finally, the slit brings it all back to a beachy look elongating my legs even more.

Psst, check out the toe wear too!

I am having a ball wearing this sarong.... and eating my words!  Come Fall/Winter in New York, this sarong will migrate up to my neck, wrapping fashionably with a black leather jacket or thick cable knit boyfriend cardi.  

This year is about trying new ideas on for size.  I have to say, 2012 is getting off to a grand beginning as every day I am discovering new sides of fashion, getting out of my comfort zone and hanging up old stereotypes and putting them towards the back of my Tiny Closet.

To make more room for my sarong!
And speaking of growing and changing, thought I would zoom into my courageous effort at a few safari style bangles.  Yay for effort right? :)
So, its been 28 years but this Seattle city girl finally got herself a sarong!  And more importantly, I've figured out a way to enjoy it all year long - whoohoo!  Tiny Closet style!

Thoughts on sarongs?  What else can you do with them?? 
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