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Saturday, March 17, 2012

After Dark

Every night after dinner, Theo and I take a walk down the beach and find somewhere to have a drink or get dessert.  And since the beach is quite long with many, many places to choose from, our nightly walk becomes an event all on its own (plus great exercise!).  Last night, we decided to take a few pics of my evening beach wear... and my nightly antics.

Recognize the "waterfall" skirt?  I wore it as a top in an earlier post here.  It works wonderfully as both and that's why I loooove it.  The top I am wearing is actually a tube dress.  I simply layered the bottom half of the dress with my skirt
I can't wait to get this skirt back home to the city and pair it with some dynamite stilettos.  However, I have a sneaking feeling that it won't be all that easy getting into those things again...  For the last 3 months, my free, happy feet haven't been in a pair of real shoes for more than 10 minutes. With all the barefoot walking, barefoot climbing and all in hot humid weather, I'm actually worried my Frodo feet will need some painful acclimation before I can look good in a pair of pumps again.  Guess I'll fight that battle when it comes.  Besides, I'm starting to like doing these posts with no shoes :)

tube dress: H&M / waterfall skirt: Zara / belt: Zara

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  1. Girlfriend, you look like you were having too much fun! ;) Love the skirt! And your hair looks sooo prietee. Gosh, I'm sure goin to miss the Philippines. :(

  2. soo great photos! you look so lovely:)

  3. i love these photos! It really captures your inner (and outer) goddess! You look so happy and free! I love the dress and belt too!

    xo Moussia

  4. Hi there! Thanks for your comment! Your blog is lovely! Your photos make me want to escape to an exotic beach somewhere!!