Revisiting The Basics

I recently had the privilege of helping a good friend and fellow blogger with wardrobe advice.  Last week, I was a feature in The New Fairy Tale where Melissa Marc, writer of this lifestyle blog, shares her adventures, revelations and solicited advice from experts on finding a career, achieving life-long dreams and rising to the occasion of meeting Mr. Right.  Melissa's candid, witty approach to the modern "damsel in distress" is always uplifting and entertaining to me so becoming a part of her team was a wonderful opportunity.

As one of her experts of the week in clothing and style, I chose to approach this subject a little differently this time.  Sticking with Melissa's "New Fairy Tale" vision, I decided to discuss clothing from the perspective of just appearance and what that means.  I found myself going back to the basics, remembering tips from my mother, grandmother and aunts - I mean, before fashion and style, the basics are all a woman needs to feel like a knockout.  Also though, these "basics" of giving your best appearance (whatever that may look like) are also the hardest to stick to on a regular basis... So with respect to these understated truths to real beauty, I felt I would touch on this again with all of you!

Starting with the first:

Use every occasion to dress for the best possible outcome

When you dress for an exciting (maybe even promising) date, your preparation for your appearance is focused on attracting the best possible outcome. This is usually hardly the case when dressing to run an errand or to go to a meeting you regret booking. But the thing is every day and every occasion is full of possibility and promise. You decorated your apartment to reflect and attract your dreams and goals. So use every miniscule moment to present yourself as an extension of that when you leave your home.

Style your hair every day
No matter what, always do your hair before going out. Wherever you go, wear your hair the way you absolutely love to see it, the way your queen would wear it – whatever style that may be.

Make your face pop!
Enhance the color of your lips with a complimenting lipstick, stain, gloss or tinted balm. Define your lashes with mascara or lash gel. Swipe a speck of blush over your cheeks. Maintain those brows. Your eyes, lips, cheeks and brows, make em’ pop every day for every occasion (except when exercising).

Wear perfume always – even to bed!  
Scents influence feelings and behavior and can be very alluring to both sexes. If you do not own perfume, start out by buying a fragrance for every season and then buy a separate fragrance that you wear only to bed. Having a fragrance for sleeping can enhance your feelings and thoughts about yourself as you begin to quiet your mind. Make sure this scent evokes empowerment like inner beauty, peace, allure, grace, quiet strength, security etc… Take the time to identify what smells influence positive emotions. Every woman should have a collection of potions.

Wear dresses & skirts
Gay or straight, men love to see women in skirts and dresses. Their favorite seasons are Spring and Summer when bare arms, bare legs, necks and collar bones come out to play. They love when we flaunt! So if the weather permits, get flirty and feminine with it whenever you can! During the colder months, skirts and dresses are still are very much appreciated. Try lace, sheer or crocheted tights with a flirty short skirt in a heavier fabric like boucle wool or leather.

Wear heels
Cosmo magazine says a woman just stands differently in heels. She commands more attention. Hips out, shoulders back, butt lifted – heels do the work for you. I say wear heels as much as you can. And keep a pair handy in your gym locker for post workout outings!

Wear at least one piece of jewelry at all times
Bangles, rings, earrings, necklaces, time pieces – you can’t ever really have too many accessories. Often times, they even help an outfit make sense when you’re half-assing it. Wear at least one item of jewelry always. Best topped off with glossy nail polish!

And on a different note... 

As I grow closer to the end of my amazing, paradise vacation I have been thinking on how I can possibly bring all these vibrant colors and light to my Northwest city life.... hmmm.   What a fun undertaking!

Keep visiting to find out what I'll doooooo!


  1. You just don't understand how much I value your advice. Your words are so powerful that it makes people listen. Your momma did a GREAT job! I'm actually more moved to dress up and look beautiful (for myself) after reading this article. Off to get my eyebrows done, see you soon my love. -Elen

  2. Elen, thank you so much for reading - it makes it that much more fun to do when I know people like to visit :) Thank you!!

  3. Love this post Nat.
    I will definitely start wearing perfume to bed (can't at work due to a no fragrance policy')
    The comment specifically on Dresses and Skirts had me laughing because I just spent time trying to convince a of friend of mine of this fact that he himself was unaware of. The fact, guys like girls in skirts and dresses better. You see Shel and I were visiting our friend in Hong Kong and we were at the bar with him. The next day he is complaining to us how he was hitting on this one girl and then her hot friend shows up and he thinks to himself, 'damn the friend is so much hotter, but I can't switch girls now'. I know classy guy eh. The truth is though I saw both girls (not just glances but actually did the girl to girl analysis) and the initial girl he was hitting on was actually better looking then the friend. What was the difference that had our friend so convinced of the opposite. The initial girl was wearing pants and a pretty basic top, while her friend was wearing a cute red summer dress. Ahhh boys, so tricked by a little more of a feminine style wrapper.

    1. Ha! I love this, Alyse :) Thanks for reading! I feel like it works every time. Boys love a girl in a pretty dress!

  4. this post is 10 kinds of awesome. simple things that really make a difference in a girl's day!