Today, I paired my trusty harem pants with Theo's chambray.  And you know, when it comes to clothing, once I get my top and bottoms on, that's my box, people!  I'm done and ready to head out.  I'm a conceptual thinker as well as a minimalist soooo honing in to the details doesn't come naturally.  Though I believe simplicity is the height of sophistication, details are just so damn fun and
I wanna play too!

My Tiny Closet and I are all about evolving so I decided to step out of the box today and dip my toes into something new... 
Where I would normally wear nude polish to blend and lengthen my fingers, my lemon yellow nails now act as great accessories to make my chambray and harems pop!
Also, these bangles have now made their 3rd cameo and I'm certainly not through with them.  They give more meaning to my ensembles and since my clothing choices are so simple, these bangles give me oomph without being bulky or unnecessary (in spite of their size).   Plus, they add to the overall esthetic of my shiny wooden necklace, which has also become a go to. 

Last but not least (and do I even have to say it)?  The neutral colors of these items go with everything (economically, this is thrilling to me).  Items that are able to be paired with everything in one's closet is like a Tiny Closet commandment so...end of discussion!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Loving this nail polish too! Just found your blog via tumblr, and now following!!