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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Necklace

Wood carving is a huge source of income all over the Philippines.  Specifically hand carved furnishings.  So it's not surprising the plethora of gorgeous wooden jewelry that stems from this popular art.  I have a huge fear of commitment when it comes to owning jewelry.  Oh it's beautiful dangling on that velvet display but then I put it on and its too heavy or the metal is too cold or the design is too bulky, wah wah wah.... 

Have you heard anyone say that?  "I like this necklace but the metal is too cold!"  

So this wooden statement piece is a wonderful compromise to comfort.  Not to mention, 

Oh and it goes great with these harem pants too.  

I got them in size XL so that I could pull them up to to make a one piece.  Sometimes its pretty cool being a shorty :)

Pardon the bare feet.  It's not always easy to wear shoes here.  Even in restaurants like this one.  I was even at the gym and people were running barefoot on the treadmills!  My ensembles would look so much better with a great pair of shoes but oh well for now.  

This Indian restaurant was overlooking the sandy beach and full of lemony bright pillows and low hanging lanterns.  As the sun set, Theo and I ate some Samosas and spooned.  Heehee!


  1. You looked sun kissed. Gorgeous!

  2. Love, love, love the look. And your hair looks spectacular - rich, healthy, glowing - like you!

  3. I LOVE IT... that necklace is banging.. cant wait for my journey to the Philippines so i can pick one up myself... if I knew you i would have you bringing me back all types of fabric.!

  4. Loving the idea of harem pants as a jumper for versatility--and the necklace sets it off perfectly!