The Sarong

Soooo, I was never a fan of sarongs.  The only occasion fitting for a sarong is long walks on the beach and novel coverage for sipping Mai Tais by the pool.   
And for those reasons alone, I have no business wearing one.

Until now of course
Some styles and trends look better on the hanger or the runway then in reality.  And while I'm being honest, that's the real reason I've never taken a liking to these ridiculous things.  But now that everyone around me is wearing one, I just hate being excluded from the fun just because I'm short or curvy or whatever.

I decided that if I'm going to wear a sarong I'm going to do it my way.  Because of my super long torso (yay!)/super short legs (boo!) combo I knew a beach sarong worn traditionally would only make me dislike sarongs even more.  So, instead of tying it at my hips, I tied it under my arms, tube top style, then took my trusty leather Zara belt and positioned it at my natural waistline.  Going for 1940s styling makes this sarong work on a body like mine by accentuating a high waist line and creating a bustier top.  Finally, the slit brings it all back to a beachy look elongating my legs even more.

Psst, check out the toe wear too!

I am having a ball wearing this sarong.... and eating my words!  Come Fall/Winter in New York, this sarong will migrate up to my neck, wrapping fashionably with a black leather jacket or thick cable knit boyfriend cardi.  

This year is about trying new ideas on for size.  I have to say, 2012 is getting off to a grand beginning as every day I am discovering new sides of fashion, getting out of my comfort zone and hanging up old stereotypes and putting them towards the back of my Tiny Closet.

To make more room for my sarong!
And speaking of growing and changing, thought I would zoom into my courageous effort at a few safari style bangles.  Yay for effort right? :)
So, its been 28 years but this Seattle city girl finally got herself a sarong!  And more importantly, I've figured out a way to enjoy it all year long - whoohoo!  Tiny Closet style!

Thoughts on sarongs?  What else can you do with them?? 
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  1. Seriously Natalie? You need to stay in Asia girl. Asia looks good on you! I love what you're doing with the pieces that you have. You need to be a fashion blogger and get paid for it. Keep going!


  2. Seriously Nat, seriously??? What the hell girl. This is starting to boarder on cruelty (but don't stop!). I want that sarong; I want the foot wear; I want the necklace, and I want arm wear. Oh, and did I forget to ask for - YOUR BODY! I don't know maybe it's your outlook but you just look amazing!!! ... Wasn’t kidding about the sarong though ;)