Great Year, Fabulous Night

Instead of buying a glitzy little party dress for my new years eve celebration with some of my longest known friends, I decided to instead, mix some various evening pieces from my Tiny Closet.  Perhaps you've seen this below pairing before?  My leather paneled leggings and sheer dress (also seen here).  The sweater wrap I made myself!  Got the directions from DIY trailblazer, Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This.

I also took the opportunity to finally debut a pair of party sandals I've had for 2 years and have never worn (shameful I know but this is why I started The Tiny Closet - to help cure LSS - lustful shopping syndrome and to stop the wasteful hoarding of unworn clothing).
My girlfriend, Anna was also wearing a pair of very cute leather booties from her Tiny Closet.  Unlike my ultra clubby shoes that I love (Jimmy Choo for H&M) but avoid wearing at all costs, Anna's comfy booties go with almost everything during all parts of the year.  Shame on me for not getting the name of those - rookie mistake - I'll call her and update this post later...

Another one of my girlfriends, Ashley hosted a fabulous party at her loft - champagne, sparklers, even LMFAO was there!  Just kidding.  But they might as well have been it was such a great time :)

The necklace above is gorgeous.  And I got a couple more photos of the party attire:
This ruffled skirt is gorgeous.  Perfectly paired with those high-gloss heels.  And below you will see a leopard print tank under a sheer blue striped knit top.  Who does that?  Love it!!

So that sums up my last night of 2011.  So fun... and fashionable!

I began this blog in November and already its become an addictive love in my life.  I am so thankful for all the visits, comments and compliments and I can't wait to bring my Tiny Closet into the new year.  Please follow me on Bloglovin' or subscribe by email on the homepage so I can keep you up to date!

Hope you had a great night!

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These Shoes Are Made For Dancing!

Merry Christmas to all that celebrate this wildly varied holiday.  For the first time, I spent my Christmas Eve day with just one person.  My fiance, Theo :)  Walking through downtown and around the pier, the air was so different.  The people who were out weren't rushing around.  Not a lot of noise and chatter - people were literally strolling... everywhere.  As someone who's lived the downtown city life for almost 10 years, I rarely see people stroll.   I have always spent the eve of Christmas in the suburbs, away from the city hustle, cozied down in a big couch watching National Lampoon's  Christmas Vacation.  Its funny how every family has their own traditions and rituals.  This Christmas Eve was different but still just as cozy and absolutely wonderful.

I was also wearing a festive outfit.  Didn't feel like strolling in heels so I popped on a pair of 
glossy tap shoes. 

These fabulous tap shoes were $5 at Goodwill and I got the ribbons at a sewing shop.  The bow around my waist is a tie to an old knit robe... perfect as a thick warm winter bow for this silk dress. 
And this is me bein' me.  You can put me in a dress but I'll still act a fool!  

dress: Banana Republic / cardigan: Victoria's Secret / hosiery: Agent Provocateur /
tap shoes: Goodwill / leather jacket: Ever

 It is now officially 2 hours into Christmas and here I am blogging.  Dedication, right?  Let's hope so.  I have been so wired and inspired by everything lately.  Keep visiting for more mixes and matches of me and my Tiny Closet.  2012 will be chock full of both!  And I hope you are having a wonderful day :)

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Drop Crotch Gypsy Pants

Yes, it looks as funny as it sounds.  These pantaloons are certainly meant for Summer but when has that ever stopped me?  I usually pair them with sandals but today I thought, "hmm, my favorite Mary Janes and a peplum jacket will do just fine!"  I topped off the ensemble with this fun boucle swing coat.

I am now wearing this angora snood/shawl everywhere.  As mentioned an in earlier post here  this piece is actually a skirt that I decided would be best pulled over my head and draped around my shoulders.
When Manolo Blahnik debuted their Mary Jane pump, my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I mouthed the F word.  Don't you love when that happens?  I absolutely adore shoes but not every pair gets that level of climactic joy - when I see that one pair of shoes where I'm like F*******, that's what I practically live for.

A lot of people ask me about my nails - they are not acrylics, I grow em myself :)  Oh and my friend, B12  helps me do this quite easily.  Strong and fast-growing nails and hair.  

B12 works like an infomercial.  

Here, I am wearing my new signature shade, Butter's "Yummy Mummy".  And I actually got it from my mummy and it looks fabulous on her too.  This shade was created for all complexions.  Well done!

coat: Anthropologie / peplum jacket: Anthropologie / camisole: Nordstrom
snood/shawl: vintage / pantalons: AllSaints / heels: Nine West / hosiery: Agent Provocateur

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Over The Knees and Through The Streets

Wanna know how many pairs of gray suede shoes I have?  Six.  I have six!  Ridiculous isn't it?  Six pairs of the same color, in the same material shoes...  I'll just say what we're all thinking - I'm weird/obsessed.

But when I like something, I keep it around and I get it some friends to play with.  These boots were my first of the collection.  Sadly, they're nearing their last years.

I love these over the knee boots so much I just couldn't see wearing pants with them today.  Heehee!  How perfect that the weather permitted...sort of :)

Thank you, Dolce Vita for supplying my habit each season with something gray and suede.  
My Tiny Closet loves you.

coat: The Limited / beanie: AllSaints / long sleeve tunic: H&M / 
boots: Dolce Vita

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Big News!

I have recently been given the opportunity to travel...

for 3 months!!

In less than a month from now, Theo and I will be on our way to Borocay Island, one of the many islands of the Philippines.  Throughout our stay, we will also be visiting, Thailand and Japan which are just a hop skip and a jump away :)  Fun huh?  Not many Americans know about Borocay (pssst, its a bit like Hawaii).  Its a beautiful and luxurious secret - a hot vacation spot for China, Japan and Europe still, oddly enough the signs are mostly in English.  

For roughly two months we will be staying at a resort right on the beach and I know what you're thinking because you and I, we're so alike - um, hello: 

Resort Collection 

... yes please.

The exchange rate in Thailand and the Philippines cause heart palpitations for me and my Tiny Closet.  This is an important fact to know.  So I have started doing daily breathing exercises in preparation for the major (major) shopping I will be doing when I'm there.  And when it comes time to pack (15 minutes before leaving for the airport I'm sure - heehee, just kidding, Theo!) lets just say this will be the only time in my life that I will be packing light.  Super light.  When I touch down in Manila, it will be the beginning of my very first and oh-so-authentic Resort Collection.

But of course I couldn't wait to get there to start the official Collection.  I put an old AllSaints gift card to use and got a gorgeous maxi from the Archive Department.  I also couldn't wait to wear it either...as you can see.

Once again, I am mixing Summer with Winter.  It just works so well.  And while I'm on the subject, let me digress:  

The truth is, I just can't stand not wearing all the clothes in my closet just because of the season.  It seems like such a waste.  You know why?  Because inevitably (generally), we will not wear the same Winter clothes next Winter as we did this Winter.  And we won't wear the same Summer clothes this Summer as we did last Summer... for the most part.  I am of course leaving out the few amazing finds we all come across each year but reallllly, you're only wearing seasonal clothing for one season - which is a fraction of the year that you have to clothe yourself.  So how far is our money really going??Californian's you are exempt from this unfortunate reality.  I am talking about the states with seasons.  Bah!  It's a waste and I won't do it.  Whether the Tiny Closet is a choice or a circumstance, its a lifestyle and I'm prescribing :)

You'll be seeing Part II of this dress, you just wait!  I will wafting over white sands, sans beanie and leather jacket.  It'll be flowing, I'll be wafting, blah blah blah, I'll show ya when I get there. 

dress: AllSaints / leather jacket: Ever (Sway & Cake boutique) / beanie inside: Free People / 
beanie outside: AllSaints / earrings: AllSaints

And this goes without saying, I will of course be chronicling all of my exotic travels, 
fashion finds and outfits.  Can't wait to share!!

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C'est What?!

Where can you find lame, leather, boucle and jewel-encrusted tweed all in one outfit?

Chanel Pre-Fall 2012, that's where.

I have been lusting over this entire collection on Vogue.com for about a week now so I think its time to share, yes?

Soooo, I've been creating a style in my mind for a couple years now.  Various colors, textures and images that have been floating around in my head in preparation to one day materialize hopefully into a "signature" style.  See unlike all of my well adjusted girlfriends, I haven't quite found my own complete signature look quite yet.  But I think it's because I just love fashion so much.  It's not my fault!  Fashion is the single cause for my years of indecision and lack of focus when it comes to cultivating a signature look.

I'm like Goldilocks.  I have to try everything first before I realize I'm in the wrong [fashion] house, 
you see?

What I'm trying to say is, these little flickers of ideas I've had in my head are slowly growing more coherent and connected.  I am coming closer to the end of this life-long search for fashion identity.  

And I'd say Chanel's pre-fall 2012 will be the last rest stop before home :)

Leather flat boots that look like leggings (and they go up to your thighs!), gold lame pants, silk Maharaja shorts, cropped structured blouses and boucle coats - I am overloaded with texture here!  Karl did not spare any extravagance here.  But when does he?  This lavish Indian glam wear is heaven and its about time.   For some reason, it doesn't look dated or vintage - its quite modern really, which mama likes.  

I was shocked to find that Mr. Lagerfeld has never actually been to India.  But then again,
glamour and luxury are universal languages.

Wanna see the rest of the collection?  Of course you do :)
clicky clicky!

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A Thrifting I Will Go!

I've been inspired lately from Fashion Steel NYC and A Pair and A Spare.  Fashion Steele NYC is a fun vintage shopping blog and A Spare and A Pair is full of fabulous DIY projects.  Fashion Steele's Monroe Steele is all about vintage finds.  Well, my favorite fashion era is actually right now - I am on the post-apocalyptic, drapey, oversize styling kick so I've never been inclined to wear vintage clothing.  However, Steele's spectacular vintage/thrift fashion finds are so superbly priced that I couldn't help doing a little hunting of my own.  A Pair and A Spare's Geneva, her eye for style and fashion art is so amazing, her DIY tutorials are the best I've seen.  So these ladies sparked an idea :)

My style is very modern so I knew I wouldn't be wearing any vintage pieces I found as is.  But since the clothing I like is in my opinion terribly overpriced (jersey, oversize, zero tailoring and you're charging $500 for harem pants?  Forget about it.)  I decided to cut, sew and basically craft the vintage pieces I find into my signature modern style.

While there are some spectacular vintage and antique clothing stores in Seattle, I decided to go the less expensive route.  Who's interested in cutting up a $70 fur?  Not I.  So I lowered the bar and went to Value Village.  Not sure if this thrift chain made it to the east coast but its pretty amazing in there.  It's a crafty girl's dream and the clothing is mainly from the 70s and 80s - you won't find anything older than that.  Since clothing is between $2-$10 (yes all of it and this place is huge!), I was in alteration heaven.

Part I of my thrifting adventure:

I am very petite but my signature styling is drape, drape, drape!!  I love oversize clothing so when I found this size 10 dress with shoulder pads and batwing arms, I didn't bat an eye.

I knew it would be the perfect fit. I had planned to shorten this dress but when I later put it on at home, 
it was too epic and fun to alter in any way.  
Then I found this lambswool rabbit fur blend skirt, size 16 and decided it would make a 
wonderful snood.
 I never wear sunglasses but this particular accessory has always been a necessity for the 
women in my family.  Its time I joined. 

So I am sold.  Vintage shopping + fabulous DIY = more precious signature pieces for my Tiny Closet.

Visit again soon for Part II of my thrifting adventure!  And if you ever find yourself feeling uncreative or plain bored with your Tiny Closet, check out Monroe and Geneva's blogs.  These girls will kickstart your creative fashion butt!

earrings: AllSaints / snood: vintage / dress: vintage / 
fishnet hosiery: Agent Provacateur / boots: Jessica Simpson

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Shoes You Don't Bring Home to Mama

After two weeks of waiting patiently for these babies to arrive, they are finally on my feet where they belong.  My Tiny Closet just got a lil meaner.

Aren't these just deliciously nasty?  Spikes cover every inch of these shoes save the soles.  Under the spikes is horse hair - patterned in leopard print.  Hello!  The best trio of embellishments ever!!  

If this shoe were a woman, we'd be best friends.

So I have officially found the perfect flat.  Oddly enough, these monsters are a classic staple.  

Since my wardrobe rarely sees color or patterns, these particular flats will go with literally everything, 
...which makes my Tiny Closet verrrry happy :)

Shoes: www.Romwe.com
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Tiny Closet, Big Epiphany

It occurred to me the other day that I've lost myself in fashion.  

Let me explain...  

To lose oneself in fashion: while this is probably thought of as more of a blissful experience, I don't actually mean it that way.  I mean this realization was a slap on the forehead.  An epiphany really.  I realize I have forgotten where I stand in all of this - my identity, my fashion. Statement.  Lately, I've been finding it harder to be inspired.  But I realize that's only because I've been inundating myself with style and fashion that I don't connect with.  While I love it, I don't relate.  Perhaps you have experienced this too?  

Being a true lover of fashion, its easy to become distracted by all the bright patterns and sparkly sequins and amazing ensembles...  I have to remind myself though that while all these wonderful things I observe in this fashionable world of ours is fine and lovely, I can't forget that I too have yet another unique lens to share.  And especially as a blogger, shouldn't it be my goal to then inundate you with my interpretation of this thing called fashion?  


So I have made my resolution early this year to stay true to my own style and fill this Tiny Closet of mine with only my own interpretations - not someone else's.  So hopefully I'll never again have to say, "Ugh, I have nothing to wear...".  Tall order, huh?  Yeah, well resolutions are like that :)

So without further hesitation, I give you a handful of true, unfiltered Tiny Closet treasures.  My inspiration:

If you were wondering, yes, you're right.  These looks are all from AW 2010-11.   AW 2012 fell flat for me this year.  That didn't stop me of course from buying both the Vogue and Elle collections though.  A girl's gotta have something to read!  But then again - this is my point in staying true to thine self:  Just because its 2012 doesn't mean you're gonna see me posing in a pastel Carven mini with bows on my heels. 

Top 5 Reasons The Tiny Closet is Tiny:

5.  I prefer dressing in only black, gray and white.

4.  I don't wear jewelry.  Theo makes me put on a necklace from time to time.

3.  I prefer wearing no more than 2 articles of clothing.  Ideally I would love to wear any of the
one-piece ensembles above.

2.  I think more conceptually and abstractly when dressing.

And the #1 Reason:

1.  I am a minimalist and can't stand having a lot of anything.  This includes clothing (gasp!)

Sooo stay tuned for more truer Tiny Closet attire.  And if you read this entire post, 
I am impressed and touched :)

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