C'est What?!

Where can you find lame, leather, boucle and jewel-encrusted tweed all in one outfit?

Chanel Pre-Fall 2012, that's where.

I have been lusting over this entire collection on for about a week now so I think its time to share, yes?

Soooo, I've been creating a style in my mind for a couple years now.  Various colors, textures and images that have been floating around in my head in preparation to one day materialize hopefully into a "signature" style.  See unlike all of my well adjusted girlfriends, I haven't quite found my own complete signature look quite yet.  But I think it's because I just love fashion so much.  It's not my fault!  Fashion is the single cause for my years of indecision and lack of focus when it comes to cultivating a signature look.

I'm like Goldilocks.  I have to try everything first before I realize I'm in the wrong [fashion] house, 
you see?

What I'm trying to say is, these little flickers of ideas I've had in my head are slowly growing more coherent and connected.  I am coming closer to the end of this life-long search for fashion identity.  

And I'd say Chanel's pre-fall 2012 will be the last rest stop before home :)

Leather flat boots that look like leggings (and they go up to your thighs!), gold lame pants, silk Maharaja shorts, cropped structured blouses and boucle coats - I am overloaded with texture here!  Karl did not spare any extravagance here.  But when does he?  This lavish Indian glam wear is heaven and its about time.   For some reason, it doesn't look dated or vintage - its quite modern really, which mama likes.  

I was shocked to find that Mr. Lagerfeld has never actually been to India.  But then again,
glamour and luxury are universal languages.

Wanna see the rest of the collection?  Of course you do :)
clicky clicky!

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