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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tiny Closet, Big Epiphany

It occurred to me the other day that I've lost myself in fashion.  

Let me explain...  

To lose oneself in fashion: while this is probably thought of as more of a blissful experience, I don't actually mean it that way.  I mean this realization was a slap on the forehead.  An epiphany really.  I realize I have forgotten where I stand in all of this - my identity, my fashion. Statement.  Lately, I've been finding it harder to be inspired.  But I realize that's only because I've been inundating myself with style and fashion that I don't connect with.  While I love it, I don't relate.  Perhaps you have experienced this too?  

Being a true lover of fashion, its easy to become distracted by all the bright patterns and sparkly sequins and amazing ensembles...  I have to remind myself though that while all these wonderful things I observe in this fashionable world of ours is fine and lovely, I can't forget that I too have yet another unique lens to share.  And especially as a blogger, shouldn't it be my goal to then inundate you with my interpretation of this thing called fashion?  


So I have made my resolution early this year to stay true to my own style and fill this Tiny Closet of mine with only my own interpretations - not someone else's.  So hopefully I'll never again have to say, "Ugh, I have nothing to wear...".  Tall order, huh?  Yeah, well resolutions are like that :)

So without further hesitation, I give you a handful of true, unfiltered Tiny Closet treasures.  My inspiration:

If you were wondering, yes, you're right.  These looks are all from AW 2010-11.   AW 2012 fell flat for me this year.  That didn't stop me of course from buying both the Vogue and Elle collections though.  A girl's gotta have something to read!  But then again - this is my point in staying true to thine self:  Just because its 2012 doesn't mean you're gonna see me posing in a pastel Carven mini with bows on my heels. 

Top 5 Reasons The Tiny Closet is Tiny:

5.  I prefer dressing in only black, gray and white.

4.  I don't wear jewelry.  Theo makes me put on a necklace from time to time.

3.  I prefer wearing no more than 2 articles of clothing.  Ideally I would love to wear any of the
one-piece ensembles above.

2.  I think more conceptually and abstractly when dressing.

And the #1 Reason:

1.  I am a minimalist and can't stand having a lot of anything.  This includes clothing (gasp!)

Sooo stay tuned for more truer Tiny Closet attire.  And if you read this entire post, 
I am impressed and touched :)


  1. I love this post! p.s. I'm a minimalist too:)

  2. Thank you! Its nice to know we're still out there these days :)

  3. Omg, those clothes are so gorgeous!
    I REALLY like your post :)

  4. Beautiful the minimalist style but i'm not a fan of it for my wardrobe..I never say never though! You have a very cool & interesting blog!

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  5. I'm with you on the minimalism path! Looking forward to reading more.....

    minima/maxima, a blog about minimalist style