Dress It Up with Eyelet

I've been wearing mens button ups all Summer long and I'm noticing that I've been styling them more and more loosely, open and wrinkled.  
I'm just obsessed with that comfy, effortless, messy-chic look!

Plus, Theo never irons his shirts as he prefers a messy sophisticated look as well so,  I just go with it.

 Typically, I'll wear my button ups with my favorite high waist shorts or a pair of loose high-waist pants.  This time however, while dressing in seconds to go to our usual morning hangout spot, I decided to throw a crinkly ol' button up over my go-to eyelet statement dress.

button up: Faconable / dress: Catherine Malandrino / smoking shoe: romwe.com

Remember this thing?  I so love it.  I received it a few years ago as a trade for a Vera Wang dress I had just sitting with nothing to do in the back of my closet.  The eyelet and frou frou nature of the dress is such a welcome change from the rest of my pieces that when I got it I set out to coordinate it with everything!  Such a unique dress/tunic - meant to be a Summer dress, I ended up wear ing it all year long.  Check out the highlights:

worn with....

So there you have it: proof that an unusual, statement article of clothing like this treasured one can too be almost as versatile and pairable as a pair of jeans! And it still enhances my looks, bringing a fem, romantic flair to anything I put it with.  

I'm still in love to this day.  As one should be with the clothes in her Tiny Closet :)

Visit me Thursday for a double feature in....Tiny swimwear!

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  1. I really love this mixture of patterns and textures!!!