Jeans & Tee: Another Version

In the spirit of Summer, when wearing a jeans and tee ensemble, my denim is ripped and my tees are shorter.  This time however, 
I chose to wear a mens button up that I cropped myself and ended the look with a simple nude, heeled sandal.

As much has the jeans-and-tee combo are oh-so-basic, the duo is also pure classic.  Always in style and absolutely seasonless, this is one outfit that can be personalized a plethora of different ways.  And you know how I feel about personalizing a look.  A better word: style.

Jeans and a tee is all about style.  

I initially opted for a worn leather belt buuuuuut then decided that would make the ensemble too "put-togethery", you know?  You may disagree.   
When it comes to accessories or complimenting pieces, I feel like 

one must portray an air of effortlessness when styling a simple look.  The simpler the better. 

||sidenote||: notice the hair?  No, these photos aren't old - I decided to take down my twists.  As cute as I felt (and I felt ca-yute!  Shall I share my album of selfies? haha!) the headaches, weight and cumbersome bed time positions gave new meaning to "beauty is pain"... to me, those two words couldn't be farther apart from each other. *sigh*  This girl is certainly not meant for high maintenance.  But like I said, I've already got my head set on new styles to try and motivation to be more creative with my kinks :) so stay tuned.

All in all, this Summer-friendly styling was fun to wear and - if you've been working out for your fabulous swimwear, this is great to put on a new beach-ready bod!

This crisp, cropped button up was perfect for Winter and Spring too.  Check out how I wore it with my heavier high waist denim and also in a preppy look!

And speaking of beachwear, I can't WAIT to share some pics of my trips to the beach.  And the pool! 

So come visit me on Monday for more Tiny Summer looks!


  1. I really love how simple and sexy this look is!

  2. Please share the album of SELFIES. And, I hope you don't mind my sharing YOUR haute look on Pinterest.??? It's going under my RIPPED board! ;')

  3. Really nice. Oh how I wish I had the stomach/belly for this (as I use to back in the day before children came along.)

  4. Oooh girl!
    You look good