Spikes & Eyelet

During a nice sun-beamed walk to get some cheap cookies, I decided to wear my spiked leopard smoking shoes, 
my Catherine Malandrino eyelet dress and old faithful Abercrombie denim hoodie. 
 I love the impromptu duo of spiked shoes and ultra-femme eyelet sundress.  So fun and atypically edgy, yes?  And lately, I've been wearing my Nars "Roman Holiday" satin lip shade like it's going out of style.  And actually, it already went out of style the moment Rihanna went red headed - but of course, I don't bother too much with the times.  
This pink shade is as cute and prissy as a teacup and I adore wearing it with pretty much anything since it's a cooler tone.  So subtle but quite pink.  
My pearl cluster earrings from Nordstrom are also a staple for work and play.  They've got a kate spade style to them.  Very feminine yet modern and a bit ironic - making them pretty versatile.

I've been getting pulled left and right with projects both mandatory and inspired.  When will I ever get back to sewing new additions to my Fall wardrobe?  When??!  I guess right after I load my Tiny Closet onto my new StyleBook app!!  

More on that later :) 

Ahhhhh, the last daze of Summer...

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