Brunch & A Walk

Saturday morning, Theo and I went to one of our usual spots for brunch, Cafe Soleil in Madrona.  Lately, I've been practically living in a new applique-eyelet-type frock by Catherine Malandrino.  So of course, I didn't think twice throwing it on again to lounge about and eat breakfast food.  
I actually traded this fantastic find at a local designer consignment shop, Driftwood (in Madrona - I will surely be devoting more time to talk about this gem of a boutique later!).  
Yes, this dress was received as a it was kinda free :)  And in return, I happily handed over an old, never before worn Vera Wang dress I'd been neglecting for a couple years.  Everyone was happy!  Since the Tiny Closet is not a museum, if an item hasn't been worn at least once in over a year, it's time to let it go.

After brunching, we walked our dog, Dakota through the neighborhood.  Stopping at pretty much every jewelry boutique on the way.  My fear of accessories has now turned into obsession.  Dakota was so patient while I ooh and ahh'd over the new items...and so was Theo.
 This oversize sweater is new as well.  I love oversize clothing. What can I say, I love the drape and drama of it.  This sweater was thrifted from Value Village - a size 14 and therefor oversize and perfect for what I had in mind.  You should see it buttoned, this thing really is amazing.
 The tap shoes are still going strong, ribbons and all :)  I also wore them with a silk dress and fishnets here.  I feel like classic show tap shoes should be a staple in one's closet: black, glossy, feminine and versatile.  Perfect.  Mine were thrifted from Goodwill.
I have to say, these days I'm finding it difficult to find time to sit and muse with my dear Tiny Closet.  With my new job, an imminent wedding and new sewing projects, I've been skimping on spending time doing what has grown to be my most favorite hobby: writing about fashion!  It makes me so happy :)  Does it make you happy tooooo?

And lately I've been thinking to myself, "If this is like my favorite thing to like, do... then maybe I should like, do it more..."  (yes, my inner voice is Cher from Clueless).  So, I've decided I will be slicing more time out from now on to spend on ya know, the important stuff.  Clothes.

More coming up.  For realsies!


  1. i love you hair and your style:-)

  2. Amazing style. I love it!! It's simple, elegant and looks comfy. Kudos

  3. Trafiłam na Twój blog przypadkiem, bardzo mi się podoba. Jak znajdziesz czas zapraszam do mnie.

  4. Thanks for leaving a comment, Nieco! I love your style! Wish I could translate your comment but I'm not sure what language it's in, lol! Can you tell me?