Style After Style: The Midi Skirt

 Today marks the kickoff of a reprised series of Tiny Closet re-stylings!  You may remember a couple years ago when I collaged blog posts of pieces I'd worn in the past and put them together to show how I'd restyled them over the years.

I am beginning this series again for the Spring season where I'll be newly restyling pieces in my closet that I've featured before - but in all new ways.  Style After Style.

Because like, that's what the Tiny Closet is all about.

I'll start with my beloved leather midi skirt.  This mama is gorgeous, beautifully made and actually, was able to fit me through thick and thin and always made me feel chic and modern (even though it's technically vintage as it was made in the 80s).
I've worn it through every season but Summer with oversize tops, heels, flats, hoodies, you name it.  The above photos feature my most diverse looks.  

I have my personal favorite ensembles but I this present look I slipped on is my new fave.
Not gonna lie, it's been freezing in L.A., but I was excited about this look and wanted to share the restyling a bit earlier than the season is permitting.  Perhaps this will give you ideas on how to rock your own midi skirt!  

Because actually, midi skirts can be pretty awkward.  The hem has got to hit you perfectly.  Not to mention, the fabric is a huge factor: too thick, you're frumpy and wide looking.  Too stiff, you look like you're walking around in a paper bag.

Give us shape!
Give us drape!
Oh, and give me a slit so I can move like a normal human being.  My cat-like reflexes and incessant 4-lane jay-walking demands it.
I decided to wear a very cropped tee with this waist-sitting skirt.  It's my own design and practically aerodynamic.  That's why I wear a bralette with it always.  

My vision for this ensemble since I RARELY show this much skin?  Definitely a fun date with my Theo.  Dressing for my husband is always loads of fun because I can step outside my modest style, get sexy and still feel cozy.
Minimalism is always fun though.  I am wearing three pieces (counting my shoes) that can be beautifully highlighted with small embellishments.  Like full brows and big hair.

If anything is going to do the talking, I want it to be me.  If the midi skirt is wearing you, you're doing it wrong I say.  And that's a bit of a challenge for a gal like me because I'm 5' tall.  Everything tends to look like it's wearing me instead of the other way around.  So that's why I tend to not do too much after getting dressed.  Just the really important stuff.
And the really important stuff works!
So, I hope I've shown that with midi skirts, there really is so much one can do!  Not just pairings and stylings but events!  From dinners to work conferences, to museums, concerts, cocktail parties, happy hour, brunch with the girls - alright, alright, you get it.

To check out the other ways I've styled this leather midi skirt, click on any of the below links! :

Join me next Thursday for an all-new "Style After Style" feature!
and have a beautiful day!


  1. beautiful... i got into (faux) leather midi skirts after seeing you in this one a few years ago. good job!!

    1. Awesome! So happy to motivate the fabulous purchase! Thanks for visiting!

  2. This looks hot! Since visiting your blog, I've been thinking of styling my tee shirt some. But I have more stomach than you; do you have any tips for where I should cut off my tee on the bottom. Should I cut at the stomach or just below the largest part. I'm about 5'7.
    Thanks for doing this series. It's so helpful.

    1. Hi Sandy! Thanks so much for visiting! I love cropped tees, especially since I'm quite petite and cropped tops make my legs look longer. I only wear cropped tops with high waist pants (so this ensemble above is rare) but with high waist pants or skirts, you can really get away with cropping your tees pretty short! As short as you like. Because only the top of your abdomen will show. With lower rising pants, I'd cut your tees at your natural waistline as that is supposed to be the smallest part of the tummy! Have fun!

    2. Thank you so much.

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