Everyday Styling with Bralettes

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I received the included bralettes as compensation.

As someone who works from home, I feel like I’m home all the time.  And though I miss having the need to dress up for people at the office, night club, restaurant, and all the other fun odd jobs I’ve had to dress for throughout the years, I have actually delighted in mastering my home office uniform.  It aint’ fancy but it’s feminine, comfortable and operational to my very physical daily to-do’s. Of course, I definitely go through phases of uniforms, this tee and harem pant ensemble, a duo of bandeau and leggings, and some sloppy denims with a feminine tee, which is all centered around the different tasks and phases of my work. And what I’ve noticed lately this Summer is I’ve been living in bra tops!
Not just bra tops under my outfits - but I’ve been finding myself styling them with my outfits. And I’ve been doing it so routinely, bra tops have become a part of my current work uniform. So when Kohl’s contacted me to feature a few of their bralettes to style for daily wear, I immediately jumped on board.

Because it’s so easy! After picking out 3 bralettes from the Kohl’s website, I had a lot of fun weaving them into the pieces I wear everyday for work.
Instead of wearing a robe over my tanks and bra tops, I obviously feel more professional wearing a loose button up. So it felt natural to wear this cozy white Maidenform bralette with my denim button up and yoga pants.
And on days when I have model fittings, I like a slightly dressier look. Upgrading to a draped silk top, a black Candies lace bralette and vintage jeans is always simple and easy.
For Summer, I pull out the cut offs and like pairing them with feminine toppers.  This wrap top and an olive Candies bralette works perfectly for errands out, as well as indoor tasks.

Comfortable, versatile and easy to pop on for a fun quickie ensemble! And when I’m not working, I’ll be sporting these bralettes to the beach, get togethers with friends and even date night with my guy - who, by the way, loves my bra tops too. Ha!

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  1. Of course the top I love the most has no that grey wrap top with the green bralette a custom piece? It's GORGEOUS! Just like you.

  2. Hi there! Thank you, the grey wrap top is actually a piece from The Tiny Closet Shop from F/W 16'. I'm glad that you like it! I will have it again come Fall so subscribe to my shop updates and stay tuned!

  3. Hi! Where is the green/ black drape top from? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thanks for asking! I actually got it a few years ago - the designer is Robert Rodriguez. I love their work!

  4. HI Natalie, so many things are going into my new plan to organized. Out with tons of old and in with a tinier collection of new. All that said, and I'm asking about your calendar- where did you purchase?

    Thanks, DMarie