Less Choices, More Freedom

 We make a lot of choices during the day.  But did you know there is scientific evidence of emotional, mental and physical fatigue from making too many choices in a day?

The dominant reason why I've recently decided to cultivate an even tinier closet is because, to put it simply, I'm busy...
 After years of searching, experimenting and creating my own personal style and wardrobe, I know what I like.  

And sure, I'll have events to go to here and there, host parties, go camping, travel, and do many fun things that call for something "a little different" to wear... but for the most part, day in and day out, I've got things to do!

So!  Like Obama, like Jobs, like Wang, Lagerfeld and everyone else who has figured out what they can live without in order to have the creative energy to put towards more interesting things than, "what am I going to wear today?": 

I found a uniform.  
 The tee, I made.  The pants, I made.  And the shoes?  Those are Sam Edelman.

I walk in it, work in it, sit in traffic in the back of an Uber in it, eat standing up in it and even nap in it.  Every morning this outfit is waiting for me to slip into and get moving.  My choice-fatigue just got a little less fatigue-y.  

The less choices we have, the more freedom and energy we can put to other things.  Like, for example, energy to put towards these various questions I always leave to the last minute - or just don't get to at all:

What kind of outfit should I wear to that Fall wedding?

What cool stylish costume can I wear for Halloween?

Should I start wearing headbands?

What kind of dress do I want to wear for New Year's?

Should I start wearing proper women's pajamas instead of a big t-shirt?

What kind of camping wardrobe should I put together for the Fall/Winter season?

Would I look good in a cargo jacket?


Ah!  Now if I can just start meal prepping...  I might just be able to rule the world.


  1. I love the simplicity of this outfit but it can be casual or really chic. I like the fact you can dress it up with a little chunky jewelry and heels and go from daytime to nighttime in a instant. It's looks really cute on you Natalie. :)

  2. Love this post! The movers and shakers of the world live by this mantra. NICK Savannah eats a Chicken Caesar Salad for lunch everyday because it's one less decision he has to make! I've moved towards a more branded style...not quite a uniform yet.

  3. You should totally start wearing headbands.

  4. Great post! Hopefully in the next year I can be where you are with your wardrobe. It's simple, efficient, stylish and it works! If possible, can you do a post showcasing a few pieces of your tiny closet? I'm just fascinated by this subject. Also, how do you start the journey of attaining a closet full of clothes that only you have made? As a follower of your blog it seems that your process was a smooth and organic transition. Was it? Did you make a list like "Things to Sew Today"? :)

  5. Sorry! My browser didn't notify me that my comment had to be approve before it can be visible on your blog. So sorry :/

  6. Perrrrrrrrfect! You nailed it girl! And the earrings are great (and easy) go-to's

  7. You're giving me insentive to keep moving towards this goal. I'm not there yet, but every day I get a little closer.

  8. I have been waiting for two years for you to start selling your stuff online, only to find out I have been sleeping on the actual opening of the store! I am heartbroken, because of course everything I would have bought instantly has already been sold out.

    Just keep putting new stuff online, and if you do any more of those navy blue numbers I will be buying it IMMEDIATELY! Love everything about that look! Keep up the good work and start posting some new stuff, I am ready to buy!