Accessorizing w/ 2 Rivers

Earlier this month 2 Rivers Shop showed me their new bag and accessories line from Western Kenya. Leather goods, all handmade in small batches, working with small leather producers, I felt a bit of a kinship with this small business.  Allowing women in the area (Rift Valley) to build craft and artist skills to make beautiful bags and accessories, this particular small business is on the philanthropic side of things.  Plus, I appreciate also the relevance of their simple rustic style of their line.

So naturally, I was happy to share a few 2 Rivers items with you!
I am a creature of habit when it comes to my daily belongings.  Items that get me through the day with my diverse schedule is definitely a handsome sturdy bag first!  One that I haven't had in a while.  In fact, I've been making due with a gorgeous Dooney & Bourke bucket bag but my day-to-day is wearing it down and it's just not meant for pure utility.
Anyway, what I'm getting at is this bag that was sent, The Kampala Purse, is!  It is totally up to the task of my long fabric runs, my need to carry everything with me at all times including 2 pairs of scissors, a book and always some Kombucha...and more.

Plus it's just absolutely gorgeous to look at and I even like the beaded tassel.
This little leather Zanzibar makeup bag along side the Kampala Purse is a beauty as well.  My current makeup bag was last minute purchase at Target some years ago.  I have no clue where I want to put my makeup.  I don't have a lot so I was almost fine with just getting a ziplock bag and calling it a day, ha! 

But after receiving this piece, I feel real fancy.
It's handsome like I prefer my accessories to be (not much for frilly) and it does it's job without creating an eyesore.  It's a gorgeous piece that I now like to see in my bathroom or in my bag.
I haven't had wallet in almost 10 years!  And I'm notorious for holding up lines across America looking for my I.D., my debit car, my other debit card, my membership card.  My bag is just a "everything bin" that I throw my essentials in and leave the painful digging and searching for my future self to worry about.

Long story short, I thought it'd be a good idea to try out their Masai Ladies' Wallet.  I still only use it for holding business cards that I receive throughout the week and my checkbook when I'm picking up orders.  It's a gem for that - but after a decade of not having a wallet, I'm just not used to the organization, blahhh.  I'm easing into it.
I don't like being on my phone at all.  And after receiving this book, The Book of Questions (totally my personality!!) I prefer to peruse that instead of drone out on Instagram.  And now, thanks to this tank of a bag, I can take my book with me wherever!  Basically Ubers.
 I am relieved and so thankful for being able to have this awesome, beautifully made handbag.  It will surely be with me for years to come and I think it will age beautifully as well.  Check out 2 Rivers Shop and take a look at their pieces for women and men!  And while you're at it, visit them on their Instagram page too.  They're just getting started and I wish them lots of luck!

All Tiny Closet readers: get a discount on this gorgeous leather bag using this code: CAF0105 at checkout!
Enjoy :)


  1. MUST HAVE THAT HANDBAG!!! Thanks so much for showing it.

  2. I really enjoyed reading. It is not everyday that I have the possibility to see something like this blog.You are amazing.