Candy Striping

As part of my bday festivities, Theo got tickets to check out The Ice Cream Museum.

It was pretty cute.
 He had to get the tickets 3 months in advance!  Everybody needs to calm down.

But I was pretty excited.  I mean, an ice cream museum?!  Come one.  And my indifference for the color pink became blissfully whimsical and femmy when it was surrounding me head toe as soon as I walked inside.
 I think I wore the perfect outfit for it too.  Baby blue railroad striped jumpsuit and gold shimmery sandals like the foil on a chocolate bar.  

Everything (including myself) just looked so sugary and yummy!
  We got to see where they grow mint for their chocolate mint ice cream.  The soil had cocoa shavings in it... so as the mint grows, it's naturally infused with cocoa.


Not gonna lie, I briefly considered tasting the dirt.
Theo and I don't like to plan anything.  We almost always fly by the seat of our pants.  But I had to hand to him, he had set up a pretty cute day-date for us.  I didn't even plan to take photos either but he brought the camera so why not?

This jumpsuit is still being sampled but I'm crossing my fingers that I can make it available before Summer runs cold.  You can check it out here when I wore it with some handsome brown leather mules and red lips.  It's been one of my uniforms this Summer and definitely part of my amazing Summer capsule.

And in other news, I hooked up with an awesome bag company earlier this Summer.  Can't wait to share with you this week so come back on Thursday to peep it!

And a sunny sweet good Monday to you!


  1. Obsessed with this fun, colorful photos!



  2. Woah! Love these photos and your jumpsuit! Gorgeous!

    -Grace | www.gracestamps.com

  3. You have amazing skin and those pink bananas are so adorable.

    Ray| www.underaytedray.co.uk