Railroad Stripes

If you've been following me, even for a short period o f time, you know I love stripes.  A strong horizontal stripe on a big cozy top or dress is my thaang.  So I suppose it was only a matter of time that I fall in love with railroad stripes.  It's really the classic cotton/linen that is associated with railroad striping.  And the fact that I also adore linen and Japanese cotton, well why didn't it happen sooner??

But I actually didn't want to like it.   The strong, durable, breathable blue-collar fabric originally used in mens labor uniforms is now trending in high-price minimal clothing with words like "collective", "capsule" and "pop-up" used to sell them.  $500 for a railroad stripe dress?  Come on people, it's just manual labor cotton!

So as per usual, I had to make one myself.
Recognize the design?  It's actually a further adapted design from this dress.  And I love it.
Love it!!
What's great about this type of linen is that over time, it will turn slouchy and lived in.  Almost like denim.  Like a well-loved pair of jeans.  I already want to wear this everyday so it looks like it's going to part of my Fall capsule.  Here in L.A., it runs around 80 degrees until November so I'll be getting some good wear from this wear-and-tear-stable piece!
Currently experimenting with shoes and accessories with this dress.  
We shall see!

Happy, happy Monday!  
And speaking of Monday, this chic little "work" dress is perfect for my weekday grind.


  1. Love! Love! Love! Can you share the name of the pocket design, please? Would that be called an inverted pocket? :/

  2. Love! Will this piece be making it's way into the shop?

  3. Are we going to be able to buy this little cutie?

  4. I love the fabric & the shape & how you placed the stripes! I'd love to see a similar top in your shop as I wear tops & work shirts as my everyday pieces.

  5. I must - do you hear me? Must have this dress! I love it! I love everything about it. Please, please, please put it in your store!

  6. Are you going to sell this cute little dress? Probably not in time for cyber Monday, but wd love to get this and/or the black one you made like it in linen. Love love love your style & natural curly hair!