Evening Statements

As I mentioned earlier, I've been putting more effort into accessorizing.  I'm a simple gal and I get claustrophobic even wearing more than 3 things on my body at a time, so jewelry has always been a frustrating afterthought.  But I love it so much!  It shouldn't be hard, it should be fun expression.

I've been focusing on expressing myself more through accessories and I've found that I prefer statement pieces.  Just one item of jewelry will do to satisfy my desires to accessorize while also maintaining my comfort levels in froufrou.

When Happiness Boutique, an online jewelry boutique, contacted me about their new jewelry items for the season, I was pretty impressed with the amount of options they had.  And they even had a fabulous category dedicated specifically to Statement Necklaces (!!)  Of course I had to take a peek.

And I found this gem...
I was so struck by this statement necklace, the Cream & Gold Belle Statement Necklace, that I obviously had to have it.  Mainly to wear it with another statement piece of mine...
This black Vogue pattern I whipped up last Spring was made for this necklace!  I mean the duo couldn't be any more perfect.  I put this simple outfit together for an early evening out.  Minimal, chic black linen with a romance-y, femmy necklace.
I so love my gift from Happiness Boutique and I wouldn't have joined their campaign if I wasn't going to be a returning customer.  Their selection of statement pieces is huge and so versatile! I'm excited to try something else to punch up another item in my Tiny Closet.  Stay tuned.

Aaaaand!  Happiness Boutique gave me a discount to share with you!   

Use this code at checkout when you shop at Happiness Boutique and receive a 10% discount for orders over $21.  Valid until August 24th!


  1. Beautiful ensemble. You kept it simple and chic.

  2. Will this piece be added to your shop?

    1. Hi Noel :) Thanks so much for asking but this piece, though I made it, it's actually a Vogue pattern. So unfortunately, I can't sell it. I do have more pieces coming for the Indian Summer collection that I think will be adored so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Lovely outfit and necklace. Your skin is amazing.

  4. Love everything about this pairing. Great outfit. I love the dress!

  5. Omg, I LOVE this dress! The whole ensemble is gorgeous. I know you mentioned in response to Noel Jay (on July 25, 2016 above) that it's based on a vogue pattern, so you cannot sell it. But can't you adapt it, as you did the recent one with the railroad strips? In fact, I think it'd be better in a different material (perhaps silk or some kind of a combo) since linen (while beautiful) wrinkles so easily. I'd be the first in line to buy this dress! Tnx for you self confidence in your own wonderful sense of style.

    1. Hi Catherine! You are so sweet! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I loved this dress so much that I DID adapt it into my own design and sold it. And it sold out! But it is now currently available in my shop in a taupe double knit fabric. Visit to view the new holiday items! Or just click the Shop button at the top of this page.

  6. Wow you're looking good.
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