Summer Nights

I picked up this skirt in a little shop that is sadly not in business anymore.  I didn't really know what to do with it at the time - it was floor-length - but I saw potential in it and wanted to show support to my local indie retailer.  Much livelier than the rest of my wardrobe, I loved its Mexican vibe and anyway, y'all know how I absolutely love Southwest and South American style.  The colors, the designs...
So to make the skirt relevant for my Tiny Closet, I shortened it considerably, leaving only the bottom half decor.  I love it.  It's flashy, flirty, ethnic and one of a kind.  And it goes so well with my Tiny Closet design cropped tee!
Every month during the Summer, Chinatown holds an amazing event called Summer Nights.  Bands, DJs, confetti poppers, like 20 food trucks and tons of restaurants... After shortening this skirt and pairing it super simply with some flat sandals and a chic cropped tee, I know exactly what I'll be wearing for this weekends festivities.
This is also a fabulous duo for a date night or party with friends.  I mean, the more I think about it, where can't you wear a flirty lil mini skirt, sandals and a tee on a Summer evening?  

I can wear this little outfit anywhere.  So you know, that means this skirt's a keeper.
 Happy Thursday to you!
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