The Effortless Closet

Just about a week ago, I introduced this harem jumpsuit.  

For me, I want to keep it simple, I want to be comfortable, and I want to make a statement.  You know this already.

But, did I mention I also want to throw it on and go?  
I did?  Well just hear me out.  

Basically, I want to look good effortlessly.  And who doesn't??

I've never found myself wanting to rifle through my closet searching laboriously for something to wear.  We all already know how that can quickly turn into agony.  But still, it has happened.  And I realized if you don't know within a minute what your wardrobe can offer you to wear that day, you may need to rethink how you're building it.

It has almost been a year since I commenced re-imagining my closet, focusing mainly on making more intuitive choices.  Because that's what The Tiny Closet is really about, not just a curation of personal tastes but also of intuitive choices.  And since I make clothing as well, designing more intuitively.  For those of us who want to throw something on and go, and feel fabulous doing it, that "something" has got to be something, ya know?  And for that to happen within a minute, your Tiny Closet has got to be built for it.

I have been rebuilding mine.

Many of you were curious about what this jumpsuit looked like standing up, since my earlier post only showed me sitting in it.  Well, voila! 

  This jumpsuit, my cropped tees, my maxi dresses are the first new items to be added carefully to my Tiny Closet.  Made to slip right in to my hands and thrown on for the day, the evening, the weekend, whatever.  

Because I like looking good without trying.  I planned it that way.


  1. thoughts exactly and of course, the closet in my head!

  2. While I am not a Harem kinda gal, I must admit your jumpsuit does look good on you ... and comfortable ... with endless wearing options ... and how the heck did you get "classic" into these?! Well done.

  3. Woah! Great shoes!! Great choice with the jump suit!


  4. Nice Ensemble:) I love it!