Feeling Natural in the Perfect Tee

Where American fashion wins every time is in the classic duo of jeans and tee.  As much as I have intense envy of other countries and cultures, I am alas, hopelessly American and I have found at least one thing to warmly embrace and that is this quintessential symbol of Americana.

It makes me feel, easy, carefree, sexy, fun... like a natural woman, baby!

Especially these vintage 501s, which I recently got at Virgo boutique in my neighborhood.  They cut and tapered this pair just for me - and as I've said before, alteration is integral to the style process so I never skip it!  Makes a huge difference.

To class up the place, I like to wear a pair of tan, suede point-toe flats that I was shocked to discover such a Celine look alike at Zara.  Oh wait, it's Zara so I guess I'm not that surprised - they copy my favoritest of fashions.  I am not a fan of fast fashion but Zara has some gems sometimes.... I mean, remember these?  Yes, I still have them.

I topped off these high-waist denim favorites with a new design of my own: this super cropped wide neck tee!  Do you like?  Do you? Do you?  I love it to pieces.  For centuries, I've been trying to find, make, design, whatever the perfect tee.  But no success until now.  

The trick for more shape and form and flattery (for me) is basically, longer and draped on the sides, cropped in front and super cropped in the back to accentuate the high waist rise. 
Finally!!!!!!!  Ahem, you'll have to excuse me, this is a long-awaited personal victory.

Soooooo even though this new denim is in the no-stretch category, which took some getting used to indeed, I am a firm believer in the original 501 design (and convinced no one makes em' like they used to).  I also think the problems I was having with always becoming eventually disappointed in my tee shirts was because I was wearing the wrong jeans to begin with!  Well, whatdya know.

Relaxing into wearing this personal spin on Americana style all Summer long :)

Happy Monday, friends!  
Pssst, come back for all new style and personal designs this Thursday.


  1. I'll be back on Thursday!

  2. I love vintage jeans! What did you have tapered? The leg?

    1. Hi Serene! Yep, I tapered the lower leg down to be more peg leg. And then shortened them. Voila!

  3. Yes to the Vintage 501's. You absolutely nailed that crop tee design. You are giving so much life right now!

  4. Love!!! Did you DIY the tee? Please share... I'm short (5'1) so even when I buy cropped tees they end up looking like regular tees ��

  5. I love everything about this! The Levi's, the personalization of both pieces, and the perfect white tee. Show me your ways Natalie. I must have one just like it in my closet - ASAP!

    1. Aaaah!! Thank you, Sheriden! Love seeing comments from you. Working hard to share more. Excited to see this tee on others in the future! Thanks for reading :)

  6. You're back! I am in love with those shoes!