Revisiting A Tiny Closet Favorite

Ha!  I forgot to mention my hair.  

So I changed my hair.  It's fun.  I actually didn't even cut it.  I just straightened it and whadya know, my curly flat top turned out to be a straight mushroom cut.  

I really do adore short hair.  I think it has so much more attitude and style - buuuuut it's time I grew it out (for real this time).  I've wanted long hair for so long but always got distracted with edgy short do's.  And also, I would get impatient, which is beginning to feel like a crutch, the need for immediate results.  Because it's far more satisfying to cut a cute look than to trudge through time and space waiting for your locks to just get past your shoulders.  Not anymore!

It's time for a lesson in patience.  

So settle in while I tolerate celebrate all the (many, many) stages it takes to get to waist-length locks. 

And in other news, remember this big ol' striped thing?  Though this dress has become a seasonal piece, mainly because the stripes make it look so Summery, its particular design is still going strong!  It's part of my Spring/Summer capsule, this maxi - and I'll be sharing my capsules with you in their entirety as soon as I can. 

But anyway, believe it or not, I've never paired heels with it.  It just never seemed appropriate, although... when I made this dress for a friend of mine in grey, she wore it with a pair of espadrille wedges and it was perfect.  I've been waiting for the right shoe, the right vibe to come along I guess.  When I got these modest little suede sandals, mainly to wear with my jeans, they ended up going rather swimmingly together, don't you agree?  

So of course with this new style addition, I've broadened its venues.

Meaning, this maxi has gone from a lounge-y day dress to a resort-y casual evening piece!  Some glossy red lips, gold earrings and a gold cuff and this baby's ready for dinner and drinks... I'm pleased.

I need to be on a boat or something, right?  I mean it looks so nautical!  I love this design to pieces but I think it truly comes alive with this particular print - it is truly a Tiny Closet gem that I had to post about again for you.  Seasons and tastes change but this dress seems to stay a relevant piece in my Tiny Closet.  What do we think?  Still like it?

It's been a couple years so you can see the first post I wrote about it back in 2014 here.  I also made this dress in black.  Very different feel.  Not as gasp worthy in my opinion but it's beautiful in the Winter.  Picture reading a good book on the couch on a rainy day...  If you missed that post, you can view it here.  

I hope you enjoyed this reprise!  Have a relaxing weekend and don't forget to give mom a big hug!  I am hugging mine from all the way in California.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!
and to you most of all, mom!  Love you.


  1. I love your hair in it's natural state when it was longer, but I must say that I looooove this straight 'do you're rocking at this length! It's amazing how you had to do nothing to get it in the perfect cut that it's in. You are taking me back to the early-mid '90's Halle Berry Strictly Business/Boomerang era! I look forward to your hair growth journey and your latest fashion creations. Horizontal stripes are my warm weather fave ;)

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I am liking this hair stage right now - it's so fun! And people have been mentioning "Boomerang" LOL

  2. I love the sleeves on this dress.This is a classic that can be worn by anyone. And the basic styling of this item is so flexible: I can see the lines in the jumpsuit you made. What do you call these type of sleeves? I want more of this.
    Also, growing out hair gets hard during the "middle passage." I would really love to see some different styles and scarf ties.
    Excited about your upcoming posts.
    Also, meant to tell you I love your new blog design.

    1. Thank you, Sandy! The sleeves on this dress 3/4 sleeves. I always pull up long sleeves so I just end up making most of my tops 3/4 or short sleeves LOL I do intend on trying a lot of different styles with my hair now that I won't be cutting it. I love scarves so we'll see what happens! Thank you for commenting!

  3. OMG!! Love the look - hair, dress, makeup (complexion looks stunning). But goodness, gotta say that smile of yours knocks it out of the park! ... I want that dress!

  4. Yes to the dress

    and a HELLLLL YEAH to the hair!!! I'm so excited that you're growing out your hair!

    KLP @

  5. Liking the look on you! The dress is a definite keeper, perfect flow & I love just about anything in stripes!

  6. Classic comfort and with STRIPES!

  7. super cute!!!! i know you're not a "hair" blogger but thanks so much for sharing when you do switch something. i recently watched your wash and go vid and your technique helped me mucho!!!! i have the same hair as you and have been natural for ever (i also get impatient and distracted with short edge-y cuts) but i'm hoping to grow out a recent cut with a more laissez faire approach this time.

    1. Wow, Crystal thanks for watching my video! And thanks for commenting. Yes, I shall be much more laissez faire this time as well. It's interesting what you can come up with when you stand back and see what your hair is doing already. I am trying looks I never thought I'd try just because my hair is already in that direction. Good luck! And I'm so glad my vid helped!

  8. High 5! I love the ease and sophistication of this dress.