Personal Touches

Fashion has become so accessible, now everyone can join in.  And not just because it's become dirt cheap but because style has taken a huge step forward into the spotlight to join in with fashion.

It's less about what we're wearing and more about how we're wearing it.

The way I see it, if fashion is the art piece, style is what gets us talking.  Style is the infinite interpretation.  That's where it becomes interesting for me.

Last week I decided to take my long skirts and make them short in front.  I live in a perpetually warm climate so it seems reasonable to - ok who am I kidding, I love showing my legs.  So I took my shears to these long things and now I'm sashaying all over downtown!

I also topped it off with one of my signature Summer tees.  And instead of a Spring sandal, I opted for a Spring bootie.

Just my personal interpretation of a casual, partly cloudy day in a skirt and tee.

Personal touches, interpretations are so interesting to me - what if the tee was long and slouchy?  What if the sleeves were rolled?  What if the skirt wasn't cut?  Same clothing but well, that's a different girl entirely.  And I probably would have pinned her.

And that's what keeps the conversation going.  Everyone has a different idea. 

Guess what?  It's Monday!  
Enjoy it :)


  1. I love the new look of the blog as well as, wearing printed skirts in the summer.

  2. Hey, I remember that skirt it is just as lovely shorter.This look says subtle yet sexy and confident!I'm definitely inspired by her. :)

  3. Like the way you owned that style!