My Fall Jacket...

Around this time of year, I can't fake the chill on the blog.  There is none.  Well, not really.  
An oversize sweater works at night and light Fall/Summer wear during the day hours.  It's just not cold.

While walking through The Grove a few days ago, I overheard some girls lamenting over sweater season and how much money they waisted buying sweaters they wouldn't wear but had to have.  I feel ya, ladies!

All these gorgeous peacoats and cute bombers in the store windows and I'd be sweating within minutes if I tried to wear any of them.  
But I want one!!  Alas, like I've said before, 

"My Tiny Closet is no museum.  Clothes were meant to be worn, not hung to look pretty and collect dust!"

Hmmmm, but I am planning to visit Seattle pretty soon so maybe I can reason one lil cute Winter coat, yes?

Anyway, I do love jackets and I find them more feasible than a full on coat.  Especially this completely sheer, lacy jacket.  
Layered over my tunic button-up, its the just the right amount of warmth I need.  Because I don't need much.

jacket: / tunic: / heels: Santee Alley

 And on another note, I got my hair cut at a salon for the first time in years.  The cut was not to take off length but to fix all the style cutting I've done myself throughout the years.  Do you like it?  Maybe you can't tell...  Anyway, I got it done at Devachan (the only place I trust to cut my 4a/b(c?) hair).  The reason I chose to have it done pro was because I decided I'm going to let my tiny lil curls shrink up as much as they want these days.  Let shrinkage reign!  

So with a pro design cut, it'll look great no matter if I stretch em' or let em' shrink up.  That was becoming a problem before.  I used to style cut my hair stretched.  And when it shrank, it looked pretty bad.  Now, a lot of people ask me if I've cut my hair... do you get that when your hair shrinks??  I'm guessing you do.  Well, I've just been letting it happen.  Tis what it is.  I like the effortlessness of it and come wash time, it's a lot less tangled.  Well, whatdya know!  Anyway, just thought I'd share :)

Now, back to scrolling coats on Pinterest...
happiest of Mondays to you, loves!


  1. feel free to trade places with me! It's COLD and we've even had snow here! love your look btw!

  2. Every time I wear my hair shrunken people ask me if I cut it. EVERY TIME.

  3. Your hair looks great! I'm jealous that you can run around with bare's snowing here in MI. -_- haha

    1. LOL! I'm jealous of your Winter-friendly fashion! I'm wearing tanks and sandals but would so love to rock a chic Winter look. *sigh*

  4. Amen to your Tiny Closet mantra! I'm with Kallie Marie on the MI weather. We have coats and jackets galore. We can do the bare leg get-up for about two weeks during warm weather then back to COATS. Speaking of which; your little jacket coat is adorable. I appreciate the close-up shot because I did not see that it was sheer. That's haute!
    Regarding your hair, it's adorable as always. I'm thinking about purchasing an afro wig as a protective style so that I can get more shrinkage, coilage, and growth. OH, and to keep the MI COLD weather from breaking it off

    1. Okay I know you wrote this comment a while ago but I had to comment on your afro wig idea....AMAZING!! I might do that myself because why not? They're some really good ones and they might be on the expensive side but wigs are so much fun! If you do get one you gotta let me know.

    2. Natalie, I'm still searching for that winter protective style and came across this just now. Please check it out. We have some really amazing natural hair talented women out here. This is awesome.

  5. Lovely outfit!!

  6. Great outfit!

  7. Your curls are pretty! love the details on the jacket

  8. Do you reccomend any natural hair cutting salons in LA? I'm going back home for thanksgiving break and I'd love to check one out!


    1. Hey Monica! I totally recommend Devachan! They are relatively new to L.A. but they're just as amazing as the salons in NY. The only in California is in Culver City. I'm not too into their styling but the cuts are superb!! Happy Thanksgiving!