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Around this time of year, I see the display cases and department store racks loaded with Fall/Winter staples.  And with each passing year, fashion is definitely becoming more and more mass-generalized.  Is that the correct term?  I mean with all the H&Ms and Forever21s circling the globe, trends have truly been made available to all (yay!) but at the great expense of quality, fit and authenticity (boooooo!).  And now when I see these stacks on stacks of staples, and being told "every woman should have this in her closet", they start to look more like humdrum uniforms instead of classics.  Especially when I see women wearing them.  Are we clones, ladies? 

Yes, I love that oversize tee with the leather short sleeves... but do I really want to blend in with the other 50,000 women who are rocking the same trend as well?  I'll pass on that one.  But I keep on passing.

The world has become tiny.  I can buy a top in Portland and return it in Barcelona.  Not really, but pretty much.  In fact, I think I tried to do that once.  They gave me a store credit.  Anyway, the point is we can all look identical if we wanted to.  Stores sure set it up that way.  And sadly, for some who are exhausted by the thought of cultivating a personal style, they are happy to look just like the mannequin and go about their day.  Don't do it!  A wardrobe is so much more fun and valuable when you make it your own.

I took two of the most popular classic articles of clothing that stores are always trying to sell at me and I searched for inspiration on how to make them my own.  And now on this fine Monday, I'm sharing it with you!  Here's what I found:

The Classic Trench

Unless you truly want thee classic trench coat look, it may be more enjoyable to change it up.  Make the "look" look more like you.

I love this juicy bright berry color on Lea Michele.  Absolutely a unique spotlight on a classic coat that can often times look commonplace.

I also love the idea of embellishing the classic lines with lace, polka dots, dye or trim.  Turning a staple piece into an art piece!

Top Shop / / kate spade

Of course, Burberry has been exploding with stunning styles for the blank canvas that is the trench coat.  I've especially been inspired by their edgier biker chick class:

If you're romantic...

And if you're cheeky!
Wanda Nylon / Photo taken by Tim Regas

None of these options will ever drown in a sea of everyday, every girl looks.  Each are unique like the person who imagined them up!

I then paused on The Basic Black Blazer
This was mainly for women who count on the black blazer for work.  I can't tell you how many blazers I've tried on in I don't know how many stores and they all fit miserably.  Where's the tailoring?  Oh, that's right, one size fits all...  I also can't tell you how many women I see wearing ill fitting blazers.  A black blazer is the sexiest thing when worn well.  But finding one or tailoring one takes a bit more work.  And it's soooo worth it.  Try these ideas on for size:

You can try an ultra fitted, ultra fem blazer.  This works for both curvy and athletic built women.
Lookbook Store / L'Wren Scott

And going leather is a stylish direction.  A nice break from the stretch polys that tend to line the shelves.  For a chic finish, I like an invisible lapel.
Burberry / Brooklyn Blonde in Helmut Lang 

I personally don't like wearing blazers indoors.  They feel too much like jackets and I have a thing about wearing outerwear inside.  Still, I love a black blazer and recently I've liked the oversize, slouchy sweater-like blazers.  They're cozier and less clingy.  A very wearing-my-dads blazer look.  A style very well suited if work in the hair, retail or fashion industry.
 Her New Tribe blog / unknown /

And lastly, a collection I've gathered showing some very atypical designs for the black blazer.  Surely to fit that individual who chooses it over all the others.
unknown / / Atlantic Pacific blog /

From lush silk velvet to a tuxedo inspired lapel.  And completely sleeveless and minimal or slinky and heavily embellished.  It's so easy to forget just how unique and one of a kind you can be with your clothing.  Even the basics!

Just some musings that evolved recently while in the spirit of preparing for the holiday season...  I'm  excited to show you an all new Tiny take on holiday dressing!  Sharing how I dress up with customized touches using very basic pieces.  Looking forward!

Happy Monday :)

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