Easy Like Monday Morning

There have been quite a few new vegan and vegetarian restaurants opening up in my hood lately.  Yep, it's getting pretty fancy 'round here!  Monday morning, we hit up my a favorite and sat long enough to recharge.

As Theo sipped his delicious coffee and sugary pop-over, I persevered my green juice sauce and we snapped some photos of my efforts.
jacket: Ever / tee: Zara / jeans: Flying Monkey

 Not much of a fashion post today but I'd like to take more photos of those days when I'm just chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool.  Ya feel?  Similar to the earlier days of the Tiny Closet.  On the off-duty times when my style is still signature but much less thought out, the comfort and effortlessness of whatever I've thrown on reveals an honest personal style.  And, like the Olsen twins pointed out for their approach to style, there is luxury and beauty in that.  

So while I was lounging with my guy that sunny morning, laughing at my spinach/kale/parsley cocktail (what kind of self-righteous flower child would willingly drink this??  I would...*sigh*), I did feel surprisingly beautiful.  Feeling like a queen in just a tee and jeans, well that aint' a bad way to start the morning!

And a good day to you!


  1. Good day to ya, too! Chillaxed you do look and it's altogether lovely with the pop of green drink. (I see how you added a theme song to this: Fresh Prince of Bel Aire; gon girl with yo relaxed self!)

  2. "Self righteous flower child"! LOL! Green juices can be rough. I like ones that have fruit added (apple, pear, kiwi, lemon) for a bit of a sweeter, less grainy taste. Kudos to you for persevering ;-). xxk

  3. Beautiful. Thank you for the reminder to appreciate the beauty in the simple things whether that's spending time with your man, putting on your favorite jeans, or pausing to appreciae life outside of the rat race.

  4. LOL "green sauce". I was looking at your drink and thinking it looked kinda thick. I hope it was good!

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