Swim Style Mix & Match: Part I

Getting ready for the festivities of July, I have been collecting swimwear for the past couple months.  Here and there :)

I actually don't like swimsuits.  It's very challenging to find suits or pieces that flatter my particular shape and the ones that take my breath away also leave me gasping for air at the price.  Every.single.year.  I wrestle with the choice of either investing in a truly fabulous, amazeballs swimsuit that puts my monthly student loan payment to shame and I can wear it for a few years - OR - I just go to Target and pick up the latest flavor for $20 and call it a Summer...  

Decisions, decisions...

This year, I didn't choose either.  Instead I thrifted, mixed and matched and thought outside the box.  I realize since I don't really swim anyway, and much prefer lounging and looking good, I decided to get more creative with my options.  Especially since these days, I am naturally finding myself more poolside than I have in my entire life.  

So here's Part One of my swimsuit chronicles:

bandeau and half of a one-piece...

bra top: F&F (Heavenly Couture) / one piece: thrifted / necklace: Swarovski

I tied the straps of this thrifted one piece around my waist.  Pulled on my trusty bra top and draped over a simple necklace.  I've always loved the sleek vogue-esque stylings of post swimming fun: the textured wet hair pulled back in a bun or parted down the middle.  I attempted this look but with suuuuper curly hair, it didn't turn out as sleek as I'd hoped.  Pool water might as well be nail polish remover when it comes to my hair.  So drying!

Anyway, I've been loving my new after-work ritual of scampering up to the roof top and going for a quick swim.  Even though the sun beats down on our pool all day, the water is still freezing (I don't get the science of that at all) but I jump in anyway.  It's a great way to just woooosh the stress of the day right out!  I guess the temperature changes are really relaxing because for the rest of the day, I feel as light as a feather.

Come back later this week for Part II!!


  1. I am loving your thrifted work around swimsuit! I am going to have to go and see if I can find something similar at my local thrift shop... Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. What a great idea! I'm very much into the high waisted bathing suit look since my tummy wants to get places before I do lol I'll definitely have to try this! You look absolutely glowing in this post! Can't wait to see part 2!

  3. Your first photo caused me to gasp. Really quite gorgeous. And hooray for highwaisted swimsuits.

  4. The highwasited look seems to suit you well--I love it!!! These pics are so cute!

    I feel the same way about swimsuits...should i spend a crazy amount PER PIECE or should I just go to Old Navy or where ever the heck else? *Sigh*

  5. Wow...I'd never considered using a one piece to get the high waisted look--so creative, Nat! I agree, this look is very chic and Vogue-esque. Well done.

  6. I love that table. Where did you get it?

  7. Love the look. I love that table. I've been looking for one like that. Where did you find it?

    1. Hi Joi! We found the table at a Goodwill. It was a honey blond varnish and we sanded it and gave it a super dark stain. Thanks for the compliment!!