More Gloom of June

While the weather has been brightening, the mornings are still guh-looomy!  Not an ounce of blue in the sky until the afternoon.  
Of course I came up with another June Gloom look to meet these rare days.

Showing off some leg like in my last Gloom post, I realize I naturally gravitate towards high/low ensembles.  High hems and full coverage on top, that is.  

Always a good balance I say.

Since I live so close to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) and the Fashion District for that matter, the ladies in my building tend to look pretty cute and stylish.  On Saturday nights when I go downstairs in pajamas and moccasins to walk my dog, I see this type of bodycon dress a lot in the elevator.  It's all very L.A. yes, with a cut out leg opening, skin tight woven rayon/spandex and a simple, streamlined design (usually in a solid).  It's edgy, modern and urban aaaand clubby!

Anyway, the dress you see I actually bought a year ago for a business trip that I never ended up photographing.  Originally when bought, the dress was evening formal with layered draping.  Certainly NOT for clubbing.  That is until Sunday morning when I cut off all the draping to reveal this minimal, sexy number.  
Repurposed and re-worn with some gritty boots and leather!  

Excuse me, "leathah".

leather jacket: Muubaa / dress: Asos.com / boots: Deisel / sunnies: RayBan

More JG outfits coming at ya before the month is through!  But before that, let's take a look at at some minimal swimwear options for Summer, shall we?

Visit tomorrow to check out some Tiny swim style :)


  1. Looooove it!!! That dress is all that!! cute cute!!

  2. LOVE the dress AND jacket. GREAT look!!


  3. Love the dress, jacket and boots the whole Sha Bang so full of cuteness. :)

  4. this look is just SO speaking to me right now--looks like something I'd wear!!!! LOVE it!!!!

  5. Your hair is getting so long, I totally dig your style.