Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Neighborhood Park

Our neighborhood has a brand spanking new park.  After opening just days ago, Theo and I decided to change up our early evening stroll and check it out!

I also decided to change up the usual stylings of my chevron mini skirt and dress it way down.  This time I immersed the skirt in an unbuttoned chambray, a loose tank and converse.  To take even more focus away from the skirt (seeing it less of a statement piece and more of of an accent), I layered on chunky accessories: 
some beaded bangles, a wood cuff and my all-time favorite coconut necklace.

Yesterday I wore Loreal's nail lacquer, "Not a Cloud In Sight" blue.  So fun!  
This ensemble was actually inspired by a similar outfit I wore here with my new Aztec print pencil skirt.  

I'm seeing that a comfy worn chambray really works wonderfully at the task of playing down bright prints.  
Also, bright nail colors are perfection with these types of prints too!  And a superb accessory.

 Our new, gorgeous park is nestled in between three buildings and now, my new favorite place to go.

We have a few big parks in downtown but none as close and as neighborhood-like.  For those of you who don't know L.A.'s downtown, it's not quite a community just yet.  After being abandoned for decades, it's only lately been growing into a new metropolis, made from ancient bank lofts and warehouses now filling up with artsy fartsy transplants like me and Theo.  We come from all over the world (none of us actually being California natives) to live in our quiet lofty spaces, do art and wear sunglasses so this new park is certainly changing the dynamic and making us all a bit warmer.  

Like a neighborhood :)

 chambray: Shades of Grey / slip worn as a tank: Catherine Malandrino / skirt: The Tiny Closet Collection / shoes: Converse / accessories: bangles were for charity
cuff & necklace were bought in Philippines


  1. The Converse are just totally classic. I love the Chevron print in the skirt it is really cute with the bangles.

    You make it look so effortless :)

  2. U make your clothes and outfits look soo cute and effortless... I so love your style!!

  3. Now this look is definitely my style! I love it.

  4. shapes and colors of the bangles + nail polish are spot on

  5. Beautiful style and the park is simple yet functional - like the space

  6. So awesome to have a new park to visit. I love chucks with just about everything and yours look super comfy and make your look super relaxed. Totally random, but I was looking at the third pic from the top and thought, "those are A LOT of bricks on the wall!". I was also playing Where's Natalie in that photo, too. :) Love your blog btw!!!!

    The Kimmie Chronicles