Missing Beach Life

Some of you may remember my lil stint as a beach bum.  
A stylish beach bum :)

Yes, far away on the other side of the Pacific, on the tiny island of Boracay, I became acquainted with my very first pair of harem pants.  
These were so long, I mainly wore them as a jumper.  A harem jumper!

Now in L.A. I am still rocking this airy one piece.  In fact, I realize this is the exact same outfit I wore when I first introduced them to my closet.  
At the time I was barefoot...  This time, I think some tan heels are a seamless upgrade, yes?

heels: Aldo  
- all other items were collected from street stands

When I found these harem pants, it really was the beginning of a wonderful friendship.  These voluminous pants have been my besties going on two years now.  
My adoration for the style also spawned five more pairs of harems (surprisingly, way over the national average) and, contrary to style rule books everywhere, 
harem pants are definitely a basic staple in my wardrobe.  

Just goes to show how much you can learn about your own taste and style by being adventurous with clothes and not being afraid to love what you love!


  1. You look stunning. I've just come across your blog and it's such a lovely interesting read! I love the sewing projects and the way you throw a look together. Happy reading for me in the evenings!

  2. Natalie you look amazing as always!!! I am in loooove with this jumper!! I'm so crushing on it!!

  3. girl you are giving me life on this one - hair included of course. Wellllll done!

  4. Love it! so cute on you. Always so stylish!

  5. I can barely stand it - this harem pant worn-as-jumper looks absolutely smashing on ya!!

    And *high-five* to the newly 30 kids ;)


  6. It's great to see how much your hair has grown and how a pair of heels can transform such a simple outfit !

  7. Your last two posts have got me to thinking about what I love in my closet and what I want my style to be. I guess the first thing to do is to empty the closets and only put back the clothes I LOVE. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Amen!! You look stunning!! Look at your hair...glorious growth and volume!!

  9. Super Super cute you are just glowing and your hair grew leaps and bounds. I love the jumper. It is a rich chocolate brown if you have some turquoise jewelry try it on with it would look really nice.