Style Vs. Clothing

A lot of people have been asking me lately just how I keep a Tiny Closet.  Well, in the beginning I threw out everything I didn't love.  
And since, at the time I didn't have the means to shop, I had to make the most of what I had left.  But that's not really what has caused me to maintain being Tiny.

From years of shopping and owning countless cluttered closets, the most important thing I've learned is: 

Clothes won't give you style.

As soon as I learned that, I wasn't so interested in shopping all the time.

I mean, shopping is amazing...  But nowadays, I know what I'm shopping for.  When you know what you're looking for, you tend not to buy the wrong things.   You also tend not buy things that won't last. My Tiny Closet is handpicked by me, each piece carefully added to my little collection of only things I adore.  But that wasn't always the case...

When consulting clients, Rachel Zoe would always ask who they wanted to look like.  The purpose of the question wasn't so that she could copy the look for the client, but so that she could see the kind of essence the client wanted to possess for themselves and exude it to others.  


When I read that, it changed my world.  I quickly recalled all of my style icons.  I pulled up their photos and studied why I liked them so much.  And Zoe was right.  The iconic styles I'd assumed I needed to copy in order to achieve them myself had nothing to do with the clothes they were wearing.  It had only to do with them.  
The clothing merely reinforced their personalities and traits.  

So thaaaat's why my closets were full of discarded clothing!  The clothes weren't really for me in the first place.

It wasn't Ashley Olsen's endless clothing collection that I wanted to have per se.  It was her immense class, confidence and her effortlessness that I wanted to have for myself.

It wasn't Karla's tiny figure and countless costumy looks I relished over.  It was her keen intuition and unparalleled creativity I was addicted to. / /

And it wasn't Solange's fabulously colorful aesthetic that I daydreamed about.  It was her unapologetic eccentricity 
and her laser focus on surrounding herself around only things she loves that I wanted to emulate.

If I or anyone else for that matter wore the outfits of Ashley, Karla or Solange, it wouldn't be the same.  The vibe would be different.  Because I'm different.  So I decided to seek out the various qualities that I loved in those women and create the traits within myself.  Clothing eventually came from that in baby steps.

To me, clothing is the last delicious step in presenting the woman and not the first.  I think that mentality is really why my wardrobe is so small :)


  1. beautiful message... one's style should convey who one is, a glimpse into one's personal quirky awesomeness... :)

  2. OMG. This was on my mind during the drive to work this morning. It truly is about confidence, and wearing what you KNOW (not think) looks good on you. I always remind myself that not everything looks good on me because of the way I'm shaped (broad shoulders, narrow to no hips, lots of bust). As much as I'd like to wear certain things I know that I shouldn't. My goal is to wear what flatters my shape, but most importantly, to embrace the fact that I'm not curvy (and that it's perfectly OK) and therefore can't wear everything that's out there. I even thought about working with a stylist to revamp my closet, but I think it'll be a great exercise to really get to know my style for myself. Thanks for this post!

    1. Oh, and I am so inspired by this post to write a post on my blog about style, clothing and clutter (with proper credits, of course). Thank you!

  3. This article is the answer to my sooooo many attempts on how to 'clean out my closet'. Now i finally know how to do it.
    Thank you so much!!! And keep up the FAB work!!!

  4. This article is exactly what I needed to hear in order to learn how to create my own style and not mimic others' style that I admire.

  5. You really hit the mark with this one. I've been trying to simplify my closet for years and I still manage to keep filling it back up with "stuff" that doesn't give me what I want. Kimmie (PishPoshPerfect) and I went shopping this past weekend and she was helping me learn "how to shop"... this post just helps me understand how I need to think about clothes vs style even more. Thanks for this!

  6. Awesome post and I completely agree! Instead of trying to be trendy (hence keeping up with the Joneses), it's always best to go for those pieces that you can wear again and again that fit your style and personality that you wouldn't mind spending a few extra bucks on because you know it'll be with you forever. Trends are fun and all but to have pieces that are specific to your own classic style is essential.

  7. Wonderful perspective and outlook on what style and fashion is; it's very personal and unique. Love your analyze and honesty on the subject.

  8. You are sooooo on point with this. I know exactly what you mean, very well put. Keep doing what you're doing. Love the site, I discovered you on BGLH and fell in love with your style. Can't wait for you to debut your line!!!

  9. Great post! Wonderful insight into clothing and style! This is going to save me a lot of time!

  10. "unapologetic eccentricity".... so true, inspiring post, thanks lady!

  11. total lightbulb!

    this logic is completely on point x)

  12. Been wanting to do this for a long time. Since I moved to NYC I have been on this journey to simplify my life. From a practical stand point(living and storage space mad small)and more than anything a quality of life choice. Choosing quality over quantity. It's time to switch my closet over to summer gear anyway so I'll use it as an opportunity to ditch all those items I am not totally in love with. Thanks again for the inspiration.

  13. Amen, amen, amen! Wow I'm obsessed with your blog. It is so refreshing, true, and inspirational. Your style is brilliant.

  14. Quite possibly one of the most in-depth analysis of the human condition I have ever read...BRAVO!!!!

  15. The most profound thing I've read love it .... So true