A WS Woman

A couple years ago, I was very lucky to meet and become friends with Whitney of Whitney Stern Jewelry Design.  A particularly magical woman.  And just like this Seattle-based jewelry designer, I immediately found her pieces to be one of a kind and abundant with creativity and beauty.
Whitney Stern actually collaborated with my husband in designing my engagement ring (from scratch) and it is still the most complimented accessory I've ever owned.  And it should be right?  Ha, but it actually is!  Anyway, a couple weeks ago, in the eye of my wedding storm, when I was asked to tag along with Theo to be in WS Jewelry Design's photo shoot kicking off their new exclusive line, I jumped at the chance to be apart of such an awesome process and...model her jewelry!!

I'm definitely a girly girl and I love my girlfriends so meeting the other handpicked women who modeled for WS that day was a wonderful experience.

Since Theo was working with Whitney that day, I wasn't able to focus the camera on me for Tiny Closet records but I did take a few Instagrammies.  The pro photos will be coming soon but this will have to do for now.

My favorite items of WS design is the rings.  Guuhhhh, they're exquisite!  And when one of the models was texting between shots, I had to snap a pic of her adorned fingers.

I've never worn so much jewelry in my life and it was amazing!  The shoot really inspired me to push the boundaries of fashion jewelry and wear it to the max.  Rest assured, you will see this inspiration materialize one of these days.

We shot in one of my favorites: gorgeous Italian restaurant, Barolo.  With dripping wax candles, ornate glass chandeliers and curtains and mirrors everywhere, it was quite sexy and dramatic.  If you visit Seattle, be sure to go there.  Either with your girlfriends or a special guy - it's perfect.

I'm incredibly excited to view the launch coming up and to have been a part of a growing national brand!  From Lucky to O to the New York Times, WS Jewelry Design has been buzzing with press but her work rings truest to me here:

"Whitney creates jewelry for women of the world who continually inspire her designs. A WS Woman follows her heart and chases her dreams. She is not only a conscious consumer, but a dedicated world citizen. Whitney’s vision is to create meaningful and unique products that help empower these women to recognize their individual and shared potential. She is committed to improving local and overseas communities through sharing profits with charities and by engaging in sustainable and ethical business practices." -

Check out WS Jewelry Design and fall in love!

And speaking of love.... Wedding post coming on Friday!!!  I know, I can't wait either :)


  1. Whitney's pieces are gorgeous. I didn't see where we could order from her website. I live on the east coast.

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