Down Vest

Around this time every Fall, feather down puffer vests start popping up.  

I hate them.

I admit, I live in the mecca of the Northwest so I understand the utilitarian purpose of this feather down puffer vest.  And yes, probably every designer since the 80s has redesigned the down vest times over but from North Face to Patagonia to Michael Kors to Comme de Garcons,

I hate them.

So yesterday, I decided to wear my feather down vest.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?  
But psst, mine's better :)

vest: handmade (unknown) / scarf: vintage / denim: Zara / top: Zara / boots: Kenneth Cole

So, okay okay, my vest is more fitting for a candle lit evening rather than catching the express bus for work buuuut it has what the other vests don't and that's style.  
It's fun wearing things out of context.

I found this handmade vest of black boas at a boutique/stall during an indie fashion convention.  And with no tags, I have completely forgotten the designer but when I bought it, I knew it was going to be one of those Tiny Closet pieces I'd own simply as a luxury and where would I wear it?  Who knows?  I'm beginning to think I can actually wear this thing everywhere.

So it may not be warmer, more durable or water resistant but it's preeeeetier.

wedding pics soon

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