Big, Long & Ugh...

The dress.  I'm talking about the dress.  I'm engaged.  

To be married, that is!  Yes, yes, As Mr. Tiny Closet and I slowly but surely make preparations to lie in this bed we've made, I have started hunting and gathering.  After recently deciding that our celebration would be best done in the Fall, the hunting and gathering [of options] begins for...

a wedding dress!  Yay?

The thang is, maybe it's the type of woman I am but bridal sales people are annoying as f*#%.  I immediately become awkward when I step into a bridal shop.  As soon as I pick a dress to try, they're in front of me, behind me, under me, over me.  Yikes!  I feel like a skittish cat.  Shopping for a wedding dress makes me crave space.  I need me-time to do what I normally do when I shop:
m e d i t a t e

If I'm going to be dropping upwards of a grand on a dress, mama needs to go to her zen place, thank you. 

But since apparently these bridal reps are in fact not being overbearing or intrusive, and it is me who doesn't understand this bridal culture, I've decided to stop trying to conform and just take my business elsewhere.

I'm going online

Besides, all the dresses I've seen so far are big, long and...ugh.

The world wide web however, seems to be kicking butt when it comes to peace and quiet options.  I've been thoughtfully putting together dresses that have recently caught my eye.  Shall we say, it's an eye-opener?  I realized I've never actually thought about wedding dresses until like a year ago-  much less wearing one.  Who'da thought these would be my pick?  It's great not having strangers' voices in your ear while you're trying to identify with a dress you'll be wearing on one of the most fashionable important days of your life.  I have peace and space to see what I reallllly like :)  And now I am sharing a few with you!

When I saw this Calvin Klein dress on, I went weak in the knees.  This is everything I love: simple, classic, chic, modern and sexy.  

So at this point, you can tell that I am going in a compleeetely different direction with my bridal attire, eh?  Yes, I admit that in this specific case, I have every regard for modern fashion and no regard for tradition.  Now that that's out of the way, and we both know the direction I'm taking this, let's continue shall we?
A.L.C.  Again, elegant and simple.  Just what I need on a day with high expectations.  It's certainly unexpected and hopefully, a pleasant surprise.

 And going further down that road less travelled - we have Mason by Michelle Mason.  Before I lose you traditional, classic ladies completely - take away the city sandals and replace with white pumps, add a white belt perhaps with bridaly earrings and a bracelet.  Add an updo and you've got a very modern-civil-ceremony bride...I think.  Whatevs, I just want to go further with this concept.  Be patient while I flesh this one out.
Another crisp number is this Elizabeth and James shift.  I love the squared off boat neck, which is perfect for an updo.  This actually screams civil ceremony.  With a bit of netting over the eyes and a pill box hat, voila.  Sadly though, I think this dress may be extinct :(
And I'll end on a more eloquent note with this Delores Promesas Heaven silk number.  It's structure reminds me of that of an orchid.  I love the stiff shape and how it was designed to carve itself around the body.  This one is almost royal looking to me - very Grace Kelly.


Volume 1, Chapter 1
I've got a whole hard drive of these babies.


  1. Second to last short long sleeved one is effing amazing. It has to exist somewhere! I can't even wrap my head around how amazing you will look when all's said and done.

  2. I love, love the last two dresses. I wish more people were brave enough to wear short wedding dresses. I think it's chic, it's cool and it's super forward thinking. Plus, the second to last dress with a pair of Ray Bans at a sunny reception would look too cool for words. Love it!

  3. I love the third one, very elegant and different. I do understand what you are saying about the wedding dress challenge and ugh of bridal stores.

  4. I absolutely second Ashley! Ha, what does Mr. Tiny Closet think? Can I call him that from now on?

  5. Ahhhhh, Calvin Klein all the way - classic and timeless ...