The Duster Revisited

So as you may already know, I collected a lot of dusters during my recent travels.  You can view the collection here as well as here.  And if you haven't yet grown tired of these tiresome things, you can view one of them again right here:
 duster: Philippines / jacket: Free People / sandals: Seychelles / earrings: Forever21

Ah, but I changed it up this time can you tell???  I admit, while the ensemble was not thaaat creative off the bat, I am giving my fine-wine ideas more time to...age (wah wah) for later when I'm feelin it.  Ideally, I would have loved wearing a long black blazer - but the weather was bright and sunnyand I was on my way to a matinee so it wouldn't have fit the occasion.  I would have also loved wearing a pair of strappy stiletto sandals to juxtapose the shapeless gown up top buuut again, my stiletto sandals were just too "evening" for mid day.  So there you go - two main pieces I had to knock down a notch for the sake of weather and current events.  It cost my outfit a drop in the "wow" stock but it was still a wonderfully comfy, feminine outfit for hanging outside during the day and running errands, no?

Finally, I wore one of my dusters out in full bloom, whoo!  Next time, I'll be rocking this crazy thing in some sky-high heels looking like I'm about to take it to the club, just watch!