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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Boyfriend Look Revisited

It's a week of remixes as that is the Tiny Closet "way".  Since I don't shop a lot and rock what I got, it's in my best interest to practice the art of remixing as much as possible.  And I find pretty much every time, what my Tiny Closet lacks in new items, it surely makes up for in new looks.

A few weeks ago, I entertained the "boyfriend" look, borrowing Theo's denim, as well as his neck tie.  This time, I chose a voluminous scarf, a slinky asymmetric long sleeve top and traded in my white brogues for a grittier pair of boots.

This time around, my accessories (hat, scarf, boots and earrings) give the baggy boyfriend look a more poetic style.  An Adrien Brody-meets-Halle Berry ensemble I think.  
A little edge, a little starving artist.

denim: AllSaints / top: Zara / hat: H&M / boots: Diesel / earrings: unknown boutique

Voila!  Part II of my eight volume set of the Boyfriend look.  Ha!  But I'm not kidding.  I actually found a lot of great looks within this BF genre.   But all in due time.  
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  1. That looks really cool, especially with the t-shirt that seems to be cut off from, the way the scarf is falling and flowing (is it a word?) and these boots... (sorry for language, I'm french and I didn't sleep all night...)

  2. You definitely rocked the Boyfriend look, love the edginess, and the background adds a lil' something to the overall look. Love it!

    Have a great day.

  3. love the scarf!

  4. Beautiful and stylish as always. Love the look. Thanks for the inspiration.