A Hand-Me-Down & A Gift

I received my load of goodies the other day, courtesy of my winnings from (eee!) and I've been relishing in all the new possible outfits I will be putting together with my Tiny Closet.  

The Tiny Closet- "oh the possibilities..."  
And my, it's true!  
A lil closet full of great pieces and a lot of imagination really can take you far.  In fact, except for my trip in Asia, from the time I began chronicling my closet adventures to now, I can count on one hand the amount of times I've gone shopping (psst, it's 3 by the way).  And if that's not amazing for a girl-addicted-to-retail like me, I don't know what is.  And you know, it's fun having a small wardrobe to work with and it's even addicting thinking up all the different ensembles I could make with the same clothes.  Why do you think I started this blog anyway?  Whoever said it was right, the less you have, the more creative your mind is inclined to be.

Anyway, yesterday, I decided to dress down one of my new items, a pair of Castaner espadrille wedges from  Seeing how it's still wintry outside, it wasn't totally the right time to wear them but I totally had to anyway right?  So, I decided to make a subtle debut on Sunday and save the bup-budda-bup-bup-bup-baaah showcasing for a warmer, sunnier day.  For now, they give my easy, chilaxing, Nantuckety feel vibe a nice chic touch. 

Espadrilles have never quite been my style however, these pointy oxford-like wedges have my name written all over them.  The pointy toe is classy and gives the espadrille style a tinge of formality, which mama likes.
 Theo had this chainmail cuff custom made for me by Riaria, a jeweler in New York.  It's ma' fave.
 This shirt is Theo's.  It's actually double layered cotton/linen blend.  So warm and comfortable to wear.  Why wouldn't Diesel make this for women?

 shirt: Diesel Men / pants: Zara / cuff: Riaria / ring: H&M / earrings: Firelily Jewelry / wedges: Castaner

Hope you had a great weekend :)

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  1. Which camera do you and Theo use? He takes such beautiful photo's. Do you edit them before blogging?
    The simplicity of your blog makes it my most favourite in all that I follow. Keep up the good work Nat%IwPy7U M N-

  2. ACK you are just so beautiful I can't stand it!